Look like a celebrity this summer with Dream Girl!

6 Aug

Celebrities… we all want to look like them and emulate their hairstyles. From the long locks of Kim Kardashian to the sleek lob of Caroline Flack, celebs have hairstyles to die for – with the help of hair stylists, of course! However, Dream Girl can help you achieve the longed-for hair of your favourite celebs whether you want more length, volume, or texture! Below we’ve selected some of our favourite celebs this summer, plus hairstyles that are timelessly popular for you to recreate with Dream Girl!Kim K Celebrity Net Worth

Image: Net Worth

Look 1 – Kim Kardashian:

Kim’s famous for her sleek, long locks. Yes, she may have chopped them off in favour of a bob this summer, but her long hair remains enviable and timeless, even when it’s a long bob. More famous perhaps is how sleek and shiny her hair looks – but Dream Girl’s got you covered for this entire look with our Euro Weft hair extensions, which are straight textured and silky and soft with natural movement – perfect for imitating Kim’s glossy locks. They add volume and length; all you need to do is glue them in at the roots and style accordingly – it couldn’t be easier! Get the look here:


Suzanne Jackson- Caroline Flack

Image: Suzanne Jones

Look 2 – Caroline Flack:

Caroline’s famous for her bob hairstyles, whether they’re long or short – although she was most recently seen in Love Island rocking a just below the shoulder look… which we loved! One look we’ve loved this year is soft beach waves, which Caroline pulled off perfectly! Envious? So are we! Stealing her look, however, couldn’t be easier – we recommend Dream Girl Italian Body Waves for an easy beach look with real volume, length and natural movement – just glue them in at the roots, style, and brush through! Get the look here:



Look 3 – Maya Jama:

Curly dark hair with just a hint of a wave to it depending on the day? You must be thinking of Maya Jama – us too! Although she’s recently gone all-out blonde, her dark hair remains iconic – as do the curls! This look is simply a summer must-have as far as we’re concerned – and it’s so easy to achieve thanks to Dream Girl! We recommend Dream Girl Body Waves for a low maintenance curl that you can use for an understated day or style further for a more exaggerated look – simply glue them in at the roots, style however you like, and go! Get the look here

: http://www.justrightbeauty.com/hair-extensions/#/specFilters=1m!#-!1

Image: Twitter Maya Jama Twitter

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