Get Spooktacular Hair with Dream Girl This Halloween

19 Oct

Halloween is coming up, and if you’re anything like us you’re already planning your outfits. For those of you who don’t have any ideas, though, we’ve picked some of our favourite spooky hairstyles to wear this Halloween!

Look 1 – Wednesday Addams


What’s not to love about Wednesday’s iconic plaits? If you’re looking for a simple hairdo, this is the one for you! For this look we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for volume and length – they’re easy to braid and they’ll make your Wednesday hair look absolutely effortless! To style this look with the extensions, simply glue them in at your roots, brush them through and your pigtails! Get the look here!#-!655

Look 2 – Beetle-juice

Beetle Juice


For Tim Burton lovers, this Beetle juice look is a throwback to classic 80s comedy horror! It requires length and a lot of backcombing and hair spray, but the end result is simply spooky! Paired with some ghostly makeup, it’s the perfect style for those of you who love all things 80’s – and eye-catching hair! For this style, we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for added volume and a natural look! To get this look, simply glue the extensions in at your roots, brush through, and then backcomb them like you’re living in the 1980’s! Apply hair spray to set it, and then rock it! Get the look here –!#-!114


Look 3 – Lion


Not everyone wants to spend Halloween dressed as creepy characters from films and TV shows! This look is perfect for those of you who want a more casual hairstyle idea, and even more perfect for those of you with naturally curly hair! For this look we recommend our Dream Girl Italian Body Waves hair extensions, which add volume and length to your hair plus natural movement! To use them, simply glue them into your roots and style accordingly; we recommend adding bounce to your curls and then holding them in place with hair spray! Finish the look with some feline makeup and you’re all set! Get the look here

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