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The top 5 ‘busy morning’ hairstyles

13 Oct

We all have those mornings where we seem to have less time than usual. Maybe we’re moving slower, maybe we pressed snooze one too many times. Whatever the reason, these are the mornings you need to get prepared for, because while you know you’ve had to get ready in a rush, you don’t want everyone else to know!

Hair extensions can help you to add length and volume, but they can also help you to quickly achieve a stylish hairdo on those mornings when you’ve only got five minutes to fix your hair.

We’ve picked 5 hairstyles and found 5 hair extension solutions for when you’ve only got minutes to get ready.

The sleek side pony


All you need is a ponytail hair extension and you can achieve this style quickly and easily. Start with dry hair and backcomb hair at the crown to add a little lift. Take a pea sized amount of serum or gel and gently comb through the hair to smooth the top, taking care not to remove any of the volume at the crown. Gather the length and tie in a low pony at the nape of the neck, making sure it’s tidy and smooth. Then move the pony slowly to the side, to behind the ear. Fix the ponytail extension over your natural locks and wear over the shoulder. Spray and smooth any stray strands.

The top knot

We know how easy this style is when you need to get ready quickly. But a ponytail hair extension, or clip on hair extensions, can add a little more volume to your top knot. Gather hair onto the crown and fasten. Tie the ponytail extension or clip on extensions. Then start to twist hair. Start by rolling around your fore finger and keep going until you reach the tips. Pin in place and spray to secure.

Textured pony

A simple way to update your plain and boring ponytail is to add a little texture. Use clip on hair extension to add a little volume. Start by backcombing at the crown. Instead of pulling hair into a ponytail in one go, do it in section. This helps to add texture and it means you don’t lose any volume. Tie the ponytail high. Back comb the pony itself as well and add a little serum to the ends.

The plaited bun


Run your fingers through your dry hair to comb, without loosing any weight. If you have fine hair, clip on hair extensions will add a little volume here. Plait hair starting at the nape of the neck and fasten at the ends. Twist the plait loosely and pin in place, hiding the ends under the bun at the nape of the neck.

The half plait

Exactly the same as above but for a little extra length. Instead of starting your plait at the nape of the neck, start halfway down the hair. Instead of plaiting loosely, plait tightly here and then fasten at the ends with a contrast bobble. Use hair to frame the face and perfect that “what, this old style?” expression.

Slicked back hair is back

6 Oct

It’s back. The style that first had a moment a couple of years ago has been spotted on the runways at Paris Fashion Week. The slicked back look is edgy and, importantly, it’s easy to recreate.

When it first appeared, the slicked back look was a breath of fresh air. In a red carpet world with messy bobs and beachy waves, the slicked back style stood out. It puts all the focus on your face and bone structure and it makes you stand out from the crowd.

It’s both sleek and chic, and a couple of years later when we have more of a stripped back style, it makes sense the trend has come back. It’s bold, and with the current beauty trend for colour and focusing on the eyes and cheekbones, it makes sense.

However it isn’t for everyone. It might work on all hair types but it doesn’t suit every face shape. If your face is heart or square shaped it might draw attention to the angles. But if that’s the look you’re going for, then never let us be the ones to dissuade you from a style.

So here’s how to recreate it.

Start with damp hair and some texturising spray. When you’re styling, remember you want as much volume as you can at the roots. It’s slicked back, but it isn’t flat. So if your hair is fine you might want to add clip and go hair extensions so you can add a little extra lift.

Focus your attention to the crown to get some lift, either with a soft bristled brush or by back-combing. You can keep it smooth along the sides and the back. Comb a little dry oil or serum to add the wet-look finish.

Keep the top of your hair volumised by using pins in the sides of your hair. Just pin them back and the attention turns to the volume at the crown.

Back-comb at the front and the back to maintain lift and use a comb to smooth the hair over so you can manage the height you have. Use a gel or paste to keep the lift in place and to add texture. Finish with a strong hairspray to set.

And you’re good to go. Make your eyes pop or go for a brightly coloured lipstick for the hottest style of the season.

How to get this week’s hot hairstyle

29 Sep

This week there’s been one hairstyle everyone has been talking about. And if you’re anything like us at Dream Girl, when you see the buzz around a hot celebrity hairstyle you want it immediately.

It doesn’t mater if it’ll suit you, it doesn’t matter if you love your hair as it is right now, you see a picture of a celebrity with a hot new hairstyle and you want it. Straight away.

MIla Kunis debuted her new hairstyle on Instagram and we have to confess we went a little weak at the knees. A chin grazing bob in very dark brown, thick and full with soft waves. We were in love. It doesn’t matter that we want our hair longer. It doesn’t matter if our hair wouldn’t do that if we cut it short. The truth is we wanted Mila Kunis’ hairstyle so much we almost booked in for a hair appointment.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Here at Dream Girl we advocate doing what you feel with your hair. Every face shape is different, every favourite style is different. Having the freedom to do what we want with our hair is a big thing.

But we also know we don’t always want to go for the chop. It’s OK when you walk out of the salon and your hair looks exactly how you want it to, but then you get home. And you have to wash it for the first time, and then style it. It never looks the same. Then it grows and it isn’t quite right. Or you want to wear a ponytail, or a braid and you just can’t.

So we have a really simple solution for recreating this week’s must-have hot hairstyle ….. buy a Chic Collection wig. You won’t have to cut your hair, you won’t have to learn how to style a wavy bob every morning. You can buy a wig using 100% human hair with a wavy finish and then, whenever you fancy donning Mila Kunis’ Parisian chic look you can. Quickly and with no fuss.

The easiest autumn hair hacks

22 Sep

It’s a new season – tomorrow it’s officially Autumn. Whenever the season’s change we always think about ways we can update our look and style.

But sometimes, we don’t want a whole new look. Sometimes we just want quick and easy ways to make simple changes to our hairstyle.

So if you want to be bang on trend this autumn, here are Dream Girl’s ideas for the simplest things you can do.

Tie a ribbon


Ribbons have been slowly coming back into fashion. It started with hairbands a couple of years ago, then bows. Now it’s evolved into the full ribbon. And it couldn’t be easier. Style your hair as normal and then tie a ribbon around your locks. Wear it like a hairband and have a big bow at the back.

Experiment with braids


Braids aren’t going anywhere, and this autumn is no different. Anyway you want to wear it, a French braid, fishtail, intricate or simple, it’s easy for night or day. Wear it sleek and smooth, or pull out strands for a more boho look. Both are in style this season. Use clip on hair extensions if your hair needs a little extra length and volume for a bigger braid.

Do a twist

The French twist is easily one of our favourite hairstyles for two reasons; once you’ve mastered it you can do it in minutes, so it makes mornings much easier, and secondly if you wear it through the day then unpin it at night you get gorgeous waves. Spotted on the catwalks this autumn, start at the nape of the neck and gather hair together. Start twisting, folding hair underneath as you do. Keep folding the ends underneath and pinning to keep secure. Spray and finish.

The Chanel quiff

Bottega Veneta

We saw this at Fashion Week and it could well be the style we use for every night out for the next year. To start, take the front section of your hair and spray it with hairspray to make it a little more malleable. Twist hair, making sure it falls over the forehead and then pin in place on top of the crown. Push hair forward a little and pin for extra volume. A pompadour also works for this look.


Fashion Week’s hair trends

15 Sep

As London Fashion Week gets started it’s a chance to see how high fashion thinks we should be styling ourselves for the coming months. Stripped back looks, plenty of texture and unusual ways to wear topknots, we’ve already had a hint of what’s to come from New York Fashion Week.

Here are the top hair looks we spotted at Dream Girl.

The low loop

Victoria Beckham NY Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week Getty Images

Low ponytails have been popular with the fashion brigade for the past year, and we saw them on catwalks this time last year too. At Victoria Beckham’s New York show, the long low ponytail gets a 2018 twist. A loop in the ponytail just adds a little bit more shape and curiosity to the style. For those who need a little added length, a ponytail hair extension will help recreate this style.

The Half Up-Do

Victoria Beckham long NY style

Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week Getty Images

Match this style with a crisp white t shirt and you will have mastered the VB signature style for next spring. A slightly more sophisticated look for the half up do, it keeps the hair’s natural shape and lift, without looking too done. It couldn’t be easier to recreate, either. Just take sections of hair from the side temples and just behind the ears. Tie together low, only just above the nape of the neck. Hair extensions will help add a little extra length, or volume at the crown so the style doesn’t fall flat.

Decorated ponies

Fenty x Puma Ponytail

Fenty x Puma Getty Images

Is it a braid, is it a ponytail? At Fenty x Puma, this long ponytail had an intricate twist to bring it bang up to date. Start by adding a side parting and slick hair with serum. Gather into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Take a section of the hair and plait tightly. Secure at the ends. Plait the ponytail, using this braid so that you can see the plait as it weaves and folds underneath the sections. Tie at the bottom. You’ll need lots of hair for this so clip on hair extensions will help bulk out fine hair.

The new bun

Badegeky Mischka Getty

Badgley Mischka Getty Images

At Badgley Mischka the ballerina bun gets a very modern twist, and it’s perfect for anytime of day. Slightly dishevelled, but just enough, start with dry hair and do a little back combing at the crown to add lift. Put the front into a middle parting. Take sections of the hair and pin back to the nape of the neck – tying into a ponytail will reduce the lift and make it look too uniform. Take the ponytail lengths and twist and pin into a bun. A few strands that fall out won’t matter.

The best hairstyles for this month

8 Sep

The chill in the air first thing in the morning can mean only one thing, autumn is on its way.

A new season means a new style, though and at Dream Girl we’ve been looking at the best styles to get you through the most stylish season of the year, and how you can recreate them.

The wave


Glossy waves are a key look for autumn. It’s soft and gentle. Hair needs to be in tip top condition, so use a hair mask or moisturising conditioner to fix any of the damage from the summer. Get a trim to get rid of any split ends to help make hair as healthy as possible. You can use Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls hair extensions  – using 100% human hair – if you need to add a little length. Side part and style hair so it’s smooth but with gentle waves, using either a bristle brush or with pin curls.

A high volume ponytail

Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Ponytails have had an update this season and it’s a great style to add into your range of looks. This high volume style is big on impact. You can use a ponytail hair extension to add extra length to the ponytail itself, or use clip on hair extensions to add volume at the roots. Start with a side parting and do a little backcombing to add extra lift at the crown. To secure, pull hair into a ponytail and then push upwards towards the crowd for more lift. Spray and pin in place.

Long layers


Longer hair is definitely having a moment in 2017. Hair extensions can help add extra length, and with Dream Girl you can choose from over 80 shades to find the exact right colour to blend into your locks. The easiest way to update your long style for autumn is by adding long layers. It’ll help make your hair look full, and shorter layers will frame the face and made hair look thicker.

Add a fringe


Rex Features

If you’ve been rocking a long haired look for the whole summer and want an easy way to change it up for autumn, this is how to do it. And there are plenty of different fringes to try, depending on your face shape or bone structure. A blunt fringe will look edgier, a soft fringe with wisps is ideal for fine hair, a longer fringe to the brows will emphasise cheekbones while a shorter fringe will draw attention to the eyes. Work with your stylist to find the best style for you.


The easiest way to perfect hair

1 Sep

We know what it’s like when you’ve got a special night planned.

Prom and wedding season might be coming to a close but it might be a party, a first date or (whisper it) it’s nearly Christmas season. You want to look perfect. You get an outfit you feel fabulous in and you want you hair to look your best.

Dream Girl can’t help with the dress but we can with the hair.

Whether you want to wear your hair half-up, down, make it wavy or poker straight we’d suggest one ingredient you might need is clip-on hair extensions. Longer and fuller hair makes locks more manageable and creates a more eye-catching and special look. They’re easy to use and help create that wow-factor.

You can either fit your clip-on extensions at home, or pop into a salon and ask them to do it. Salons and stylists will be on hand to help to recreate special stylish hairstyles so it might be easier to do it all in one trip.

To choose hair extensions the first thing you need to do is look at Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator and Colour Guide. You need to decide what shade to go for. Obviously, you could opt for something like one of our Fancies that’s a bright colour to catch the eye. More likely, though, you’re looking to enhance your own hair so pick a shade that’s as close to your own natural hair colour as possible.

The next step is to choose how long you want your hair extensions to be. You can choose either 14”, 16” or 18”.

Once your hair extensions arrive you’ll find they are easy to fit yourself, if you want to do it in your own bedroom. The clips are different widths to fit securely and offer added coverage at different parts of your head. Start at the nape of the neck and work up to the crown. Then fit the smaller extensions at the side of the head. Our clip-on extensions are designed to cover the clips naturally but just arrange to make sure not of the clips are visible.

Then you need to choose your style. You can opt for an up-do or a looser natural wavy finish. Perhaps a long braid or a half-up do. You might want something classic, or something slightly funkier – it depends what your personal style is.

For a classic look, how about a half-up do with waves? Either choose clip-on extensions with a natural wave, or create a kink by twisting hair extensions and then clipping up to create a wave without using heat. After a few hours uncurl and then take hair your hair to tie up. If you have a fringe you might want to sweep to the side. Backcomb hair at the crown to add lift then pin hair in place.

And it isn’t just long and loose hair, you can use the extra length and volume to try one of these season’s hottest ponytails, or a fishtail braid.
Shop here.

Our love affair with wigs

25 Aug

When you look at celebs like Kylie Jenner or Nicki Minaj and wonder how they constantly change their style we’ll let you into a secret – wigs.

This isn’t a new love affair. In fact stars of the big screen (and small screen) have always relied on wigs to keep their style up to date. It means you can transform your look in minutes, go from long to short or try a completely different colour, and do it in seconds.

The technology behind wigs has become so amazing over the past few years that it’s actually becoming harder and harder to spot a wig when you see one. Lace fronts help the wig blend in naturally so it looks just like your own hair. Plus a human hair wig is sewn so that the hair falls naturally, with a natural parting, so it’s even harder to spot!

Younger stars are much more open about wearing wigs. Kylie Jenner has talked about not wanting to dye her hair constantly, and also about the pressure of having to change her style constantly. She relies on wigs because it reduces the strain on her natural tresses. Stars like her being open about wearing wigs has gone a long way to reducing the stigma of wearing a wig.

A wig isn’t, of course, just for woman who want to change their hairstyle. Women who’ve lost their hair, whether through illness, stress or treatment, know how much it can damage your confidence. A wig is the ideal way to cover any bald patches, or to give your confidence the boost it needs.

When you’re choosing a wig it’s always worth doing you research first. What style do you want? What colour do you want it, what length? You can talk to your stylist and they’ll help you find the right match. Remember, when you fit the wig for the first time ask your stylist if they’ll do any trimming and work to make it frame your face perfectly. Just like with any hairstyle, your wig has to compliment your face and style.

When you’re caring for your wig, make sure you use products that are sulfate free. That goes for hair extensions as well, as you want to ensure you’re using a product that isn’t going to strip the hair. Keep it combed and neat and make sure you’re storing your wigs carefully so they don’t get tangled or knotted while you’re not wearing them.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection lets you try a new style everyday. Available in lots of different lengths, textures and colours, from Light Blond to Sunset Brown, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade and style for you.

Explore the Chic Collection here.

Go big or go home!

18 Aug

tigerhairIf you feel like your hair needs a little extra volume, Dream Girl can help. Because let’s be honest, no one wants flat hair!

Here are our five top tips.

Hair extensions aren’t just for length! If you’ve got fine hair, hair extensions can help to add volume, as well as making your hair longer. Choose a shade that closely matches your own natural colour and the hair extensions will blend in seamlessly. You can also work with your hair stylist to ensure the extensions are cut and styled int your own locks, so no one knows you’ve got a little help.

Use lightweight products. Shampoo and conditioner can weigh down your hair. Look for products with as few additives in them, and reduced sulfates. You don’t need heavy conditioner if you’ve got fine hair. And you don’t need to shampoo and condition your hair everyday. Use a little dry shampoo on the front sections if you need a little help between washes. In fact, shampoo your hair less and you might see it looking more volumised. Third day hair has much less weight and will look fuller.

Invest in a volumising spray. Great volume starts at the roots. This might be an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how many people focus on the ends or mid-length. Sprayed directly into the roots when your hair is damp, a good volumising spray will help separate the roots and just add a little extra volume. As it’s water based it’s also light enough that it won’t weigh your hair down once it dries, like some thickening products can.

Heat-free rollers add lift. OK, no one really wants anyone to see them with their rollers in, but they can go a big way to adding much needed height to the roots. Always avoid any heated product on your hair, so the trick here is patience. Add the rollers and leave for as long as you can, at least half an hour, over an hour if you can. At least it’s the perfect excuse to sit back and relax.

Texture, texture, texture. If your roots are lifted, then another way to add volume is by making as much of your hair’s natural texture as you can. Obviously rollers will add a wave, but you can also try pin curls, or a bun while your hair is damp or through the day. A little extra texture will make your hair look bigger and more volumised. Your stylist can also help with the cut. Blunter ends make hair look thicker and fuller.


Why is your hair breaking?

11 Aug

Hair breakage can happen to anyone. You might think if you wear hair extensions it won’t happen to you, but if your 100% human hair splits, you can trim it and wait for it to grow back.


Instead, you need to get into the habit of understanding why your hair breaks and how you can prevent it. Here are Dream Girl’s tips for the most common causes of hair breakages, and what to do about it.

Stress and upset

If you’re stressed, you know the toll it can take on your body. You’ll be tired, your skin is dull and your hair is too. Your body’s working harder and is hoovering up the minerals and vitamins you’re putting into it.

If you’re stressed you might also neglect your hair, or treat it roughly, which can also damage it.

If you know things are getting on top of you, stop. Figure out ways that will help you manage the stress, from meditation to an early night. It might be tempting to binge on unhealthy comfort food, but remember when you’re rundown that’s when you need to eat even more healthily. And with your hair it’s what you put in that you get out in terms of glossiness and shine.

Your hairstyles are too tight

If you tie a bun or ponytail too tight you’re putting strain on your roots, or on your hair extensions. This will weaken your hair and its cuticles, potentially causing long term damage.

Don’t tie hair too tight. You should be able to loosen it with your fingers, and fit a finger between the root and the hair. If it feels too tight, it probably is.

Doing too much with your hair

There’s an old saying that you should brush your hair 100 times before you go to sleep. The old wives’ tale could actually harm your hair, instead of protecting it. Over-brushing dries and stretches your hair, which can lead to split ends and breakages.

The riskiest time is when your hair is wet. Use a wide toothed comb to unknot hair and use natural bristles on your hair, and nothing else.

Doing too little with your hair

Hair needs to be kept healthy and if you never get it cut you could find that split ends are rampant in your locks. Your hair will get weaker and weaker.

If you wear hair extensions this will age your hair extensions and they won’t last as long.

Hair should be trimmed every 6-8 weeks, depending on its length.


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