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Is having super long hair worth it?

24 Mar

If there’s one thing we know about at Dream Girl towers, it’s long hair. So, we are more than delighted to see extra-long hair extensions showing up on catwalks and red carpets in 2017. Hey, Nicki Minaj even worse hair extensions down to her ankles this month!

Whether it’s sleek and straight, or full, thick with plenty of texture, or natural hair to its fullest and most gorgeous, long hair is the stuff of dreams: from the fairy tale princesses of our childhoods to modern day dragon taming warrior queens, there can’t be many girls who haven’t imagined how amazing it would be to have the longest of long hair.

But, with long hair comes great responsibility, and there are a few things you should bear in mind before you commit to waist length hair extensions. (SPOILER ALERT: You’ll still totally get them done)

You’ve made up your mind and you go for it. Lengths of gorgeous silky natural hair extensions are waiting to transform you into the glamour goddess you’ve always known was there, in just a few hours. That’s right, your chosen look can take several hours to achieve. Sitting in the salon as the extralong extensions are bonded to your hair, you may want to drift off, or read that magazine cover to cover for the fourth time. You’re literally in this for the long haul, so you persevere, it will all be worth it in the end. You can go for clip-on hair extensions, if you haven’t got the time, but if you’re going super-long, you want to go super-luxurious as well, am I right?

Once your hairstylist releases you from the salon chair, the first thing you might notice is a slight change to your centre of gravity. Having hair extensions on this scale, adds extra weight to your scalp, resulting in pulling of your natural hair. This dragging can contribute to increased tension and can give you headaches, but oh, look at how your hair swooshes along your back. Nothing’s going to stop you now.

As hair extension specialists, we always recommend a thorough hair care routine to keep your new hair in great condition. With extra-long locks there’s only one thing for it, and that’s to brush. As you flick, shake and toss your hair around over the course of a day, your extensions are prone to tangles. Getting into the good habit of brushing frequently will help to keep knots to a minimum, and when it comes to brushing extensions too much is never enough.

When you first pictured yourself with long, long hair, chances are you also thought of intricate braids and pretty, bo-ho festival styles that would make the A-List green with envy. But don’t be surprised when all you can muster is a simple plait or double braid to keep your strands in check, styling all that extra hair is hard work. Avoid over washing your extensions, stay away from heat styling, and treat yourself to a conditioning treatment. And, don’t forget to brush…

So, even after the mind (and bum) numbing application, the brushing, the dragging headache inducing weight, the brushing, the knots, the brushing, countless zip trappings, the brushing, all that will matter in the end is that you look fabulous, turning heads wherever you go.

So, yeh, super long hair extensions are so worth it.

Big, blonde and beautiful hair

17 Mar

blondeahirOne of the hottest trends for 2017 will have you setting new hair goals with plenty of blonde ambition. Blonde is the key hair colour to work with this year, and with a range of light shades at Dream Girl you’ll be able to achieve every look from sun-kissed beach babe to glamourous bombshell quickly and effortlessly.

Using Dream Girl products, you can gain an immediate all over golden glow, voluminous Barbarella champagne strands or sophisticated, subtle highlights, by incorporating natural looking hair extensions and hair pieces into your style. Explore our tips for finding the perfect way to capture this essential 2017 look:

Find the right shade of blonde for you. From arresting platinum locks to the ashen gold of a 1950s starlet, blonde hair has a timeless appeal, but selecting the perfect tone for your look can accentuate everything from your skin colouring to your eyes. Opt for warm, buttery colours to avoid a washed-out appearance if your natural skin tone is pale, and if you’re looking for an edgy look, near-white platinum hair can have a striking effect if you have darker toned skin.

For brunettes, the switch to blonde can sometimes be challenge, but it’s not impossible. Look to Khloe Kardashian, as the queen of the tonal transition for inspiration. Starting with her trademark brunette look, by gradually introducing subtle caramel and golden ombre highlights, she has transformed into a stunning, natural looking blonde.  If you’re looking for an instant blonde statement without expensive trips to a professional salon, consider a Dream Girl wig. All the glamour without the long-term commitment.

If you’re not ready to go full on flaxen just yet, a beautiful balayage may be just the compromise you’re looking for. Balayage combines an ombre-like approach with gentle highlights, giving you sun-kissed strands, without the stress of managing unruly root growth.  Suitable for all hair colours and skin tones, a blonde balayage that complements your colouring, will have you looking flawless, whilst achieving one of the must have looks of 2017.

If you choose to make the move towards lighter hair, looking after your natural hair becomes even more important. Lightening your hair can cause damage through the bleaching effect, and although many modern colourists use kinder hair dyes, hair care still remains a priority for fairer follicles.  Pamper your hair with an intensive treatment, use moisturising and nourishing conditioners specially designed for treated blonde hair to prevent breakage. Use styling products with added UV protection, wearing your hair in a cute up-do or covering your hair with an on-trend fedora will also help to protect blonde locks from the damaging effects of the sun.

This year boost your blonde or break up your brunette to achieve a sensational 2017 catwalk style. Lighten and brighten your look, because, as you know blondes do have more fun (oh no, I can’t believe it, I made it all the way to the end without using that cliché. I regret that last sentence #sorrynotsorry)

Be bright and bold this spring

10 Mar

gigi-hadid-kendall-jenner-neon-highlights-at-verscae-show-ftr-2Spring 2017 is the season for neon. With fashion week catwalks illuminated by electrifying citrus hues of red, orange and yellow and over-sized acid florals, the neon trend is making a fierce fashion statement.

But these head turning shades aren’t just restricted to your wardrobe; why let your clothes have all the fun?

Take your inspiration from supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid who worked neon-rainbow hair extensions whilst strutting their stuff at Milan Fashion Week this month. Be bold and bright, lifting your neon to the next level with some straight up sassy and colourful shades. It couldn’t be easier with Dream Girl’s Fancies range. Simply clip neon tonal extensions into your own hair for an electrifying splash of colour that is instantly on trend and tons of fun.

Whether you opt for thinner extensions for a subtle highlight effect or go all out with fuller slashes of colour, you can be certain that your style will look fabulous, adding a striking twist to a glamorous look (WARNING: Beware of jealous unicorns).

Dress your hair with your favourite colours, and give your hairstyle an instant makeover. Clip in the perfect shade for a quick and easy update and you’re ready to hit the town (There’s quite a few colours to choose from with Dream Girl, from yellow to turquoise). And, if your school or workplace is a little more conservative, removing them is just as simple, but remember all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.

Select an extension shade to complement your outfit, but you’ll find that when neon is involved, it’s the brighter the better. Neon hair works with everything, contrasting spectacularly against an all-black wardrobe, or, if you’re feeling brave, a riotous clash of vivid colours would certainly get you noticed.

Working with all hair lengths, premium quality hair extensions in modern tones add a hint of catwalk chic for those looking for a temporary change that’s full of impact. For longer hairstyles, opt for a poker straight look or go for full bouncy volume, allowing your extensions to shine through, giving you a unique and fresh hairstyle that will look just as good on a shopping date with friends as when you’re hitting the dancefloor in your favourite club.

Shorter hair can rock slices of colour too, cutting hair extensions to length and working them into your current style for some added lift and a flash of rainbow.  

Switch up your image to suit your mood. Swap your hair colours, and combine with the right make-up effects, to achieve the style that reflects your personality. Coordinate your neon locks with heavy, dark eye makeup and on point contouring for an edgy look, reminiscent of 90s grunge. Or crank up the cute factor with matching shades of nail varnish and ‘I just woke up like this’ subtle makeup, with dewy eyes and rosy cheeks.

As the latest hair trends go, it would be hard to find a look as stand-out, fun and affordable as this one. Stress free styling for Spring; embrace, experiment and enjoy your new neon hair and all the fun it will bring.

The best looks for Spring

3 Mar

There’s nothing like a new season for revamping your style. When it comes to hair, inspired by the fashion shows or the red carpets of award ceremonies, we can see new trends in their full glory.

At Dream Girl we love to look on trend, and we know the products you need to get the look you want. Here’s our rundown of the best styles to be hot to trot for Spring 2017.

Super long hair

Get your Remi Silky hair extensions at the ready because you’ll need them to achieve this style.  Spotted everywhere from Kim Kardashian to Ariana Grande, this long, shiny locks scream luxury. 100% human hair extensions will not only look natural, they’ll have that lustre of quality and shine you need. Choose from over 80 shades and find the exact right colour for your natural locks.

Plenty of texture

If there’s a phrase to sum up one of the key styles for this season it’s “Be true to yourself”. Embracing your natural texture is a key trend this Spring. Whether it’s straight, wavy or curly if you need help with either volume or length, hair extensions can help. Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range lets you choose the exact right texture to match your hair. Keep curls soft and well defined with a shampoo and conditioner that moisturises.

The Lob

It’s back this Spring. The long bob rests on the shoulders and will help those with shorter locks stand out. If you don’t want to cut your hair, remember our Chic Collection offers a range of wigs in a variety of lengths, so you can experiment with new styles without ever reaching for the scissors.

An eye grazing fringe

Fringes are always the perfect way to update your style, and each season has its own different take. This Spring, fringes are longer, almost in the eyes, and they’re barely there. It’s an effortless way to update your look, and easy to sweep to the side or brush back when you need to hide it.


Wear a wig and be proud

24 Feb

From Gigi Hadid to the Queen Bey herself, it seems that everyone from Hollywood to Shoreditch is experimenting with one of the hottest and most versatile hair trends of 2017. Wigs.

Entering the mainstream, wigs have earned their place in the spotlight as the key fashion accessory for this year, with A-list models and celebrities confidently and unapologetically showcasing their finest hairpieces at high profile events and awards ceremonies. At Dream Girl, we know our Chic Collection, with its wide range of different styles and lengths is increasingly popular with women who want to change their look in an instant. 

For too long wigs have been viewed as something to endure; tolerated by patients who’d lost their hair through treatment, and by those affected by thinning hair or conditions affecting hair growth, to disguise hair loss. Wigs have often been a source of embarrassment and physical discomfort for wearers. But, with celebrities donning new hairpieces week in week out, the humble wig is experiencing a new lease of life, combining the functional and the fashionable, to achieve a stunning glamourpuss look.  

Gone are the days of scratchy hair pieces and plastic strands that wouldn’t look out of place on a doll. With advances in application methods and artificial hair technology, wigs are here to stay. Or not. That’s the beauty of this must have trend. Swap. Replace. Update. Changing your style or colour has never been so much fun or instantaneous.

With a beautifully styled wig, no longer do you need to commit to a new haircut or colour in the long term. Avoid the regret and time spent growing out an unflattering style or additional treatments to repair a dye gone wrong. Switch up your style whenever you want, for that Instagram perfect appearance.

Take a cute and striking pixie cut one day, to long, tumbling curls the next. Saving time getting ready and preventing damage to your natural hair from styling, high quality wigs are the solution to your bad hair days. The only limitation is your own inhibitions.

By embracing the wig trend, wearers who may have previously been self-conscious and aware of their wig are also empowered, helping to remove the stigma associated with their use. Although wigs have enjoyed their position as a status symbol throughout history, with everyone from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette to Edie Sedgwick wearing the fashionable style of their time, modern day wig wearers are typically not as confident as the A-list from yesteryear.  Adopting a wig and owning it may just inspire someone who feels anything less than confident in theirs to feel a little more comfortable that they can ‘work it’ too.

Available in every style, length and colour you are sure to find one or two (or three or…) individual styles that will suit you, giving you a variety of equally striking looks for any occasion. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, minimum fuss, ready to wear style that  will have maximum impact, a wig is the answer for you.

Mix up your 2017 looks with a selection of wigs to complement your outfit, your mood or the occasion, and help to move wigs out of the shadows and into the spotlight once again.

Time to treat your hair

17 Feb

tigerhair2With Spring around the corner, it’s time to cast off that cute bobble hat and give your hair some much needed tender loving care. Throughout the winter months your hair endures stresses and strains leaving it vulnerable to damage and sadly looking less than fabulous as the seasons roll around. Whilst your hair extensions have been working hard to maintain the glamour stakes this February, you don’t want to ruin your overall look with fly away natural hair creating a halo of frizz up top.

From wet, windy weather and freezing temperatures to hairdryers and central heating, your hair has been subjected to some pretty harsh conditions this Winter, losing moisture and leaving you prone to breakage. Follow Dream Girl’s top treatment tips for maximum hair hydration, to leave you with shiny, smooth strands this Spring:

Washing your hair too frequently can weaken it, stripping your locks of natural oils and leaving it looking a bit dull and lifeless (Over washing also isn’t great news if your extensions are applied with glue). But you can make the most of each wash by using a shampoo specifically designed to restore and repair your hair. Look for a shampoo formulated to gently cleanse, resurface and strengthen your tresses, to kick-start your journey to hair heaven.

Get great hair gains with a nutrient loaded conditioner. We all know that protein is good for our bodies, and your hair isn’t any different. Select a conditioner packed with proteins derived from grains like quinoa and barley, to help nourish your hair as well as adding much needed moisture. Conditioners containing essential oils like lavender, known for its healing properties, will add shine as well as smelling fantastic.

When the weather outside is wet and wild, and a boxset binge in your PJs is too tempting, treat yourself to some pampering with an intensive conditioning hair treatment. Stick on your favourite TV programme and leave the treatment to work its magic, moisturising your hair more deeply and leaving it you with enviable shine and a silky finish. Now, how’s that for multi-tasking?

After a soothing wash and a thorough conditioning, add another layer of protection to your locks with a high-quality serum or styling cream. Even more moisture for your thirsty hair, your hair can’t get enough.  Creams and serums will gently coat each strand, smoothing them and helping to build tolerance for styling, limiting the harsh effects from heat and brushing.

When it comes to styling, prep your hair with a quick, final spritz of heat protection spray and use your styling tools on a low heat setting. Avoid using tight fitting elastic hair-ties to minimise breakage if you’re wearing your hair up, and you’re good to go.

Banish the winter frizz, treat your hair to some luxury ‘me time’ and give yourself a head start on great hair for the Spring 2017 season. When the sun finally comes out, you’ll be the one doing all the shining.   


Straight hair, don’t care! Celebrate the straight

10 Feb

download-8One of the hottest hair trends of 2017 is straight hair. Direct from the catwalk to your salon at home, sleek and sophisticated straight locks look amazing, and can be yours almost instantly with silky smooth hair extensions of any length.

From long haired 1970s Cher to the princess of poker-straight, Jennifer Aniston, straight hair brings a timeless look, with minimal fuss. Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid are all working the next the next generation of super sleek styling.

Blending in with your natural hair colour, finding the right extensions, like Dream Girl’s Remi Silky, for example, will give the appearance of thicker, longer, and straighter hair right away, giving you a long-lasting A-List look.

But it’s not just about wearing hair extensions and then doing nothing else. Adopting the right hair care techniques will help to prolong the condition of your extensions and have you feeling fabulous for weeks as you strut your straight hair everywhere you go. Avoid over-washing and over-brushing to keep your extensions looking great, and on trend, for longer.

Whether your extensions are made with human hair or high quality synthetic hairs, heat treatment is best avoided to prevent drying and damage. 

If you’re already blessed with beautiful long hair, remember using heat is the quickest way to add stress and strain to your lovely locks.

Follow Dream Girl’s tips to nourish, protect and prepare your hair for a stop and stare, straight hair look:

Use a nourishing conditioner to add moisture to your hair. This will help to prevent excessive damage during drying, and smooth the hair shaft helping to boost shine. Don’t forget, to follow up your hair washing routine with a quick spritz of heat protection spray, adding an extra protective barrier for your hair.

Avoid a lank, lifeless look by adding a root boosting product to give a little volume. Again, avoid intensive heat to minimise damage to your hair, using a soft bristled round brush. Blow dry your hair so that it is straight, and then lightly go over the hair in small sections.

A straight hair style works best with a defined centre or side parting, best achieved with a pointed-tailed comb. Take your style to the next level and slick back your straight hair with a styling gel or serum for a striking night time look, or add a delicate headband for cute daytime fashion.

Taking good care of your hair, and your hair extensions, will mean you’ll have red carpet worthy, frizz free shiny straight locks to see you through one of the key trends of 2017.

Fringe fest – The Do’s and Don’t’s of face framers

3 Feb

Fringes. The big hair dilemma. A fringe is an instant pick me up for a style that’s lost its sparkle. But, making the decision to opt for a maximum impact cut versus the need for a regular trim, and the potential crisis of an unexpected downpour, gives you a lot to think about before you decide to go for the chop.

At Dream Girl we keep an eye on the latest trends and this season fringes are everywhere. But whether you’ve got hair extensions, or you just fancy a bit of a change it’s an easy way to add texture and to have a much needed refresh of your style.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself and the best styles to suit your face.

Will it suit me?

No matter your face shape or the texture of your hair, the perfect fringe is out there, ready to transform your look. So, let us help you to make up your mind as we guide you through our fringe-based facts, to find the fringe that will suit you best:

To be blunt – For ladies with thick, straight hair a blunt cut could be just what you’re searching for. A blunt fringe gives you a statement look, and perfectly complements hair of any length. Treat your inner rock chick to a blunt fringe and long hair extensions for an achingly cool style. If you’ve got a slightly rounder face, it’s probably best to avoid this look, as the cut softens the line of the jaw leaving a fuller face effect. If you’ve got hair extensions adding volume, you can add a slighter blunter cut fringe for full effect. 

Small and sweet – For women with a rounder jawline, a micro-fringe may be the solution. Channel some uber-cool, Scandi-chic with a short and choppy micro fringe. Like an edgy pixie, this look is the right mix of striking and cute, and the cut helps to create cheekbones and angles that no amount of contouring could achieve. Micro-fringes work best with shorter hairstyles, and could be a suitable alternative to consider if you’re taking a short break from extensions but still want a ‘stand out from the crowd’ look.  If you’ve be blessed with a smaller-than-average forehead, a micro fringe will look amazing on you. Girls with larger foreheads, you may want to consider a more flattering option.

Making waves – Ladies with curly hair have stayed away from fringes for too long, worrying about flyaway frizz and uncontrollable locks, but now it’s your time to be bold. With beautiful natural texture and volume, tamed by modern styling methods, celebrate your curls with a full fringe. Go for a dry cut to avoid curl shrinkage when wet, and enjoy your beautiful fringe (maybe for the first time in your life.)  

A-list style – From Alexa Chung to Emma Stone, a shaggy fringe is the key look for celebs all over the globe, as it creates an easy to wear style that looks great day or night. And the best part is, shaggy fringes suit every face shape. Ideal for straight to wavy hair, shaggy fringes work well with short to long length hairstyles, really making the most of your hair extensions. The shaggy fringe also works a treat for girls who have an unruly cow’s lick that just won’t cooperate with a blow-dry. The perfect all-rounder, a shaggy fringe may just be the hairstyle you’re looking for.  

So, there you go, a fringe to suit every person. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the decision to go for one sooner.

Fringe top tip: Don’t try this at home. Cutting your own fringe runs the risk of spontaneous hysterical crying and prolonged periods of hat-wearing.

A 60 second hairstyle

27 Jan

When it’s all too easy to press the snooze button for an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning, you’ll need a go to hairstyle that’s quick and practical, but still looks fantastic and fashionable when you finally arrive at school or work.

At Dream Girl we know while you may want to look like a glamour puss every day, in fact life just gets in the way. So like the outfit you have in the wardrobe that’s your go-to style when you’re too busy to get anything else sorted, you need a hairstyles that’s the same.

Whilst the top-knot has been the top-dog of a casual hair styles in recent years, its sister, the half bun, is hot on its heels as this years must do up-do. It looks great on any length of hair, but it’s with longer locks that this style really comes into its own. For those wearing hair extensions, whether sewn, glued or clip-on, this hairstyle is simple and easy to do, but it looks bang on trend. 

Reminiscent of popular looks in the early 90s, this classic style receives an update with some added volume.

In under 60 seconds, you can achieve a fun, on-trend look fast. Here’s how:

Step 1: Using a comb, separate your hair into two sections. Twist and clip the upper section of hair away from the lower section. If you’re wearing clip-on hair extensions, remember you might need to use a mirror to show the back of your head and make sure all the clips are flat and covered where applicable. 

Step 2: Gently backcomb a small area of the lower section where the bun will sit. This will add extra lift around the crown.

Step 3: Unclip the upper section and again gently backcomb underneath. Gather the upper section into a small ponytail and secure with a hair elastic, and then gently the base of the tail also.

Step 4: Twist the ponytail along its length and then wrap around until it forms a neat bun shape. Secure with hairpins.

Step 5: Gently pull at the secured bun to loosen the style and add some extra volume and texture.

Step 6: Hold in place with some hairspray

This stylish but cute hairstyle, is perfect for any age, and it will look just as good as when you’re leaving the gym following a workout, as when you’re entering the bar ready for a great night out. Add it to your list of favourite hairstyles when you’ve not got much time but you want to your hair to look great! 

De-bunking hair myths

20 Jan

Beautiful brunette with long hair flyingWho hasn’t dreamed of thick, wavy, lustrous locks cascading down their back from time to time? Lotions, potions, and the odd old wives’ tale, all promise to nourish your follicles, leaving you with a beautiful and bountiful bonce.

Throughout the decades, generations have all had their own creative ideas behind making hair thicker, shinier, straighter, curlier (you get the idea) From raw eggs to beer baths, chances are at some point in your life you’ll have tried a unique method for getting the hair of your dreams, and chances are you ended up with dry and frazzled hair from applying neat lemon juice to your roots over the summer holidays.

At Dream Girl we’re not too sure about the hair myths. And a new study has backed us up! Here’s some of the myths that have been busted. 

Quicker, thicker hair –  We’re sorry to announce that shampoos promising thick hair do little more than coat each strand with product to add bulk, and over time, continuous use can lead to chemicals building up, leaving your hair dull and limp. But fear not, there are other things you can do to give your barnet a boost. Back-combing is a quick and cost-free way to give extra lift, but be mindful that your hair can be damaged through constant teasing. Hair extensions and pieces are another fantastic way to give the appearance of fuller hair, available in a vast array of colours and styles.

50 shades of grey – You may have heard that plucking a grey hair means that more will grow in its place, please be reassured that this just isn’t true. However, for most people, developing grey hair is inevitable, with blonde haired individuals prone to greying sooner than their brunette counterparts. Embrace and celebrate your grey strands, with shades of silver becoming ever popular in salons, and with tonal treatments available to add shine, you can really make a statement with your grey hair.

It’s Splitsville – Many shampoos and hair products boast amazing properties designed to repair your hair, but in truth, once it has split the only solution is to go for the chop. Taking good care of your hair with a quality conditioner, can help to prevent split-ends, but having a regular trim is the best way to banish fly-aways and guarantee smooth, shiny looking hair.

Your hair looks hot –  Leaving a salon with bouncy curls and extra height from a blow-dry is pretty much guaranteed to leave a big grin on any girl’s face. However, to avoid wiping that smile away, care must be taken when using heated styling tools. By avoiding intensive blasts of high heat and taking good care of your hair there’s no real reason to abandon your curly blow any time soon. Although while this is right for natural hair, we’d advise not to use heat on your hair extensions

By investing in quality products and avoiding damaging behaviours, you can make the most of your natural hair colour and texture, and if you want stunning hair in future, step away from the clothes iron and leave your hair in the hands of the professionals.


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