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Walk on the wild side with Dream Girl

30 Nov

Keeping your hair looking good is a challenge, as any Dream Girl addict knows! But as these celebs have proven, you can even look good in the jungle – and you have hair envy like we do, just scroll down and be filled with inspiration for hair that looks good wherever you are and whatever you do!


image 1

Image credit: ITV


Look 1 – Fleur East

Fleur’s hair gives us serious hair envy both in its volume and its length! For those if you with similar hair, this is a very easy look to replicate if you use our Dream Girl French Jerry Curls hair extensions and glue the extensions in at the roots. Style the extensions as you like and work the look! To get the look, go here –!#-!111

image 2


Look 2 – Emily Atack

Emily Atack’s blonde waves are to die for – even in the Australian heat! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Body Waves hair extensions to replicate Emily’s gentle waves – they add length, volume and plenty of movement to hair. To use them, simply glue in from the roots and work your way down, brush through, and then style accordingly! Get the look here –!#-!1


Image 3

Image credit: ITV


Look 3 – Sair Khan

If you don’t have hair envy when you look at Sair Khan, why not?! Her dead straight locks give us a serious case of hair envy, so of course we had to find a way to duplicate the look! To pull this off, we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions as they’re gorgeously straight and silky in appearance and even stay tangle-free for ages! As with all our extensions, they add length and volume as well as movement, so they’re perfect for this! In order to replicate Sair’s hair, simply glue the extensions in at the roots, brush through, and style as you like! Get the look here –!#-!114

Party with Dream Girl

16 Nov

The winter party season is upon us, and if you’re anything like us at Dream Girl, you’ve already got your outfit covered but you’re struggling with hair inspiration! Luckily that’s where we come in – we’ve picked some of our favourite hair ideas that go with any outfit, so keep scrolling to see what we’ve come up with!

DG 1.png

Image credit: @voiceofhair on Instagram


Look #1 – Curly mohawk

We’re in love with this effortless look and we’re certain it’ll go with any outfit! More importantly, if your hair isn’t long enough to do this, that’s where Dream Girl comes in! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl French Jerry Curls hair extensions to add length and volume so that you can style accordingly! To recreate this look, glue in the extensions at your roots and then sweep back the side and pin with bobby pins, then style the rest as you like! Go here to get the look –!#-!111

DG 2

Image credit: @mararoszak on Instagram


Look #2 – Effortless ponytail

The ponytail is a timeless, classy classic – and we always approve of jazzing it up with accessories! Add some chic to your party ponytail with a timeless ribbon – we recommend black or red, but use whatever goes with your outfit! – and you’ll instantly uplift it from plain to perfect! For this look, we think our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for silky-smooth length and volume that looks as effortless as your updo! To recreate this look, glue the extensions in from the root down, brush through, and style accordingly. Get the look here –!#-!114

DG 3

Image credit: REX/Shutterstock


Look #3 – Halo braids

Halo braids are a unique twist on braids, and we love them! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for volume, length and easy plaiting! To recreate this look, glue the extensions in from the roots down, brush through, and braid around the crown of your head to give yourself an ethereal appearance that goes with any outfit you’ve dreamt up! Get the look here –!#-!655

Hair Raising Looks for Halloween

29 Oct

For those of you who are still scrambling for Halloween hair ideas this year, we’ve compiled some more of our favourite hair ideas! Look spooktacular with our handpicked hairstyles—and be the center of attention this Halloween!


Picture credit: Superdrug

Look #1 – Unicorn Hair

Who doesn’t want to look like a mythical creature this Halloween? For this gorgeous look we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for added volume and length. To replicate this look, glue the extensions to your roots and comb through, then section the front of your hair into a ponytail and start to backcomb to create the horn shape! Get the look here –!#-!114



Photo credit: @gocoppolaserravalle on Instagram

Look #2 – Scorpion Hair

For those of you that prefer your hair to be spookier, we’ve found this gorgeous scorpion-inspired hair! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for added volume and length, plus they’re so easy to style! To recreate this look, glue the hair extensions into your roots and brush through, then section your hair and braid accordingly. For the main braid, insert a pipe cleaner into it and then style it over your head for the ultimate scorpion look! Get the look here –!#-!655


Image credit: Pinterest


Look #3 – Halloween Mermaid

This look is so easy to create and looks effortless—all you need is plenty of length to create a side braid! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Clip’N Go® hair extensions for quick and easy length and volume; simply clip them into your roots and start to braid! The ultimate mermaid look is a quick, easy side braid – don’t worry about braiding it too tightly! Get the look here –!#-!124


Get Spooktacular Hair with Dream Girl This Halloween

19 Oct

Halloween is coming up, and if you’re anything like us you’re already planning your outfits. For those of you who don’t have any ideas, though, we’ve picked some of our favourite spooky hairstyles to wear this Halloween!

Look 1 – Wednesday Addams


What’s not to love about Wednesday’s iconic plaits? If you’re looking for a simple hairdo, this is the one for you! For this look we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for volume and length – they’re easy to braid and they’ll make your Wednesday hair look absolutely effortless! To style this look with the extensions, simply glue them in at your roots, brush them through and your pigtails! Get the look here!#-!655

Look 2 – Beetle-juice

Beetle Juice


For Tim Burton lovers, this Beetle juice look is a throwback to classic 80s comedy horror! It requires length and a lot of backcombing and hair spray, but the end result is simply spooky! Paired with some ghostly makeup, it’s the perfect style for those of you who love all things 80’s – and eye-catching hair! For this style, we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for added volume and a natural look! To get this look, simply glue the extensions in at your roots, brush through, and then backcomb them like you’re living in the 1980’s! Apply hair spray to set it, and then rock it! Get the look here –!#-!114


Look 3 – Lion


Not everyone wants to spend Halloween dressed as creepy characters from films and TV shows! This look is perfect for those of you who want a more casual hairstyle idea, and even more perfect for those of you with naturally curly hair! For this look we recommend our Dream Girl Italian Body Waves hair extensions, which add volume and length to your hair plus natural movement! To use them, simply glue them into your roots and style accordingly; we recommend adding bounce to your curls and then holding them in place with hair spray! Finish the look with some feline makeup and you’re all set! Get the look here

How to care for your hair the Dream Girl way!

2 Oct


Winter is coming – this means dry skin, cold weather, and hair that needs a little bit of TLC in the colder months.


One of the cardinal sins of having extensions, especially in cooler temperatures, is that we can often forget our extensions are made of human hair too, and so don’t take care of them the way we should! But, as always, Dream Girl is here for you with plenty of information on how to look after your hair – including your extensions – as we gear up for nights getting darker earlier and endless excuses to drink hot chocolate.


Tip 1: Wash your hair carefully

Extensions need to be treated gently, especially in winter, so when you wash and condition your hair make sure you comb your hands through your hair from wefts to ends. The key is to keep hair as straight and smooth as possible – if you bunch the hair up and lather it, this puts strain on bonds and leads to your hair extensions looking tangled and messy, which nobody wants!


Tip 2: Take care of your extensions according to their type

Our Dream Girl Clip’N Go® hair extensions require the least amount of maintenance out of all our hair extensions, but they still need to be looked after. After wearing them a few times, you should wash, comb and condition them and then allow them to air dry on a towel so they can stay looking their best. For all of our glue-in hair extensions, we recommend that you use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and brush them with a loop hair brush to keep them looking flawless!


Tip 3: Avoid exposing your hair to excessive heat

One of the reasons your hair gets frizzy and unmanageable is because the air is so much dryer in the autumn and winter – so when you dry your hair, you need to lock as much moisture in as possible, and this includes drying your extensions! We suggest using a hair dryer on a lower temperature or ‘cool’ setting over a longer period of time so that your hair retains its moisture – and definitely invest in a heat protect-ant! By drying your hair on a cooler setting over multiple applications, your hair keeps much more moisture and is easier to style and care for!

London Fashion Week According to Dream Girl

25 Sep


London Fashion Week has been and gone, and frankly we’re in mourning for it! Is there anything better than a whole week dedicated to the latest fashion, makeup and hair trends? Definitely not! If you’re not all caught up on London Fashion Week, don’t worry – we’ve done a rundown of some of our favourite hairstyles from the event and how you can recreate them with our extensions for the ultimate Dream Girl look!

Look #1 – The #girlboss Bun

Buns never go out of style and they took pride of place at London Fashion Week – which we loved! There were two different styles on prominent display, but for this blog post we’re going to focus on the Girl Boss Bun: the bun you wear when you need to Get Stuff Done, as seen at Burberry catwalk. This look revolves around a cool, stylish low-swept bun that will have everyone aware that you need business – and so we recommend our Dream Girl Clip’N Go® Hair Extensions for instant length and volume! To achieve this look, simply snap the clip-on extensions to the roots of your hair, style your hair into a low bun, and work your #girlboss magic! Get the look here –!#-!93

Look #2 – Hollywood Waves

Who doesn’t love a retro hairstyle? They’re all the rage in 2018 because they ooze glamour and finesse – so naturally Dream Girl is hand to help you replicate this look!  For these casual, stylish waves as seen on the Temperley catwalk at London Fashion Week, we recommend our Dream Girl Body Waves extensions which have natural, easy movement and provides amazing volume and texture. To achieve this look, glue the extensions in from the roots down and style your hair into loose, luxurious waves. Get the look here –!#-!1


Look #3 – ’90s Curls

We’re living for all the 90’s resurgence and nostalgia happening everywhere lately – and of course it happened at London Fashion Week too on the Ryan Lo catwalk! It seems like 2018 has been all about the 90s, especially with the rise of the scrunchies earlier on in the year – long may it continue! For this look, we’re really feeling Mariah Carey in the iconic video Dreamlover – so we’re also going to channel our inner Mariah with our Dream Girl French Deep Curls which are small, strong curls from top to tail and add volume and movement to any style, whether you’re channeling Mariah or not! To achieve this look, simply glue the extensions in from the roots down and style your hair with a lot of mousse to live your ultimate Mariah dream! Get the look here –!#-!78

Ryan Lo



Strictly Style.

4 Sep

Grab your sparkiest outfit and dig out those tap shoes as the full Strictly line up has just been announced!

Of course we’re can’t wait to watch everyone strut their stuff on the dance floor but what we’re really looking forward to is the fabulous HAIR!

We’re also proud to have had contestants of strictly wear our Dream Girl Hair on seasons!

Strictly is known for it’s full on glamour makeovers so let’s hope the 2018 series doesn’t disappoint. We’ve picked out our ‘ones to watch’ in the style stakes!

Capital FM DJ, Vick Hope

Vick Hope

(Image: Getty Images)

Vick Hope has a gorgeous mane of Afro curls, perfect for whirling around the dance floor! Best known for presenting the Capital Radio Breakfast show with Roman Kemp, Vick’s electric personality will most certainly match her beautiful Afro curls!

Get the look:

Former Steps Member, Faye Tozer


(Image: Entertainment Focus)

90’s pop star Faye Tozer has rocked numerous great colours and hairstyles over the years, from Blonde dreadlocks to soft curly bob, Faye has never shied away from experimenting with her locks, so why should her Strictly hair be any different?!

Get Faye’s current look

Documentary Presenter, Stacey Dooley


(Image: Rex/ Shutterstock)

The hard-hitting documentary presenter, Stacey Dooley is used to dressing down whilst filming in controversial locations, exposing corruption, so the glamour of Strictly will come as a change! Stacey has rich red tones in her sleek strawberry blonde hair, so we expect some added volume in the up do’s to enhance her strictly look!

Get the Look

Aretha, The Queen of Soul

24 Aug

Aretha Franklin sadly passed away on Monday and as the world mourns the passing of an icon we want to also celebrate the legacy she has left and the inspiration she will continue to be. Throughout the years Aretha remained authentic with her unique voice which touched the hearts of many yet her hair and fashion evolved and remained distinct as the Queen of Soul.

Today we want to celebrate her iconic hair and fashion moments which was just as distinct and iconic as the music star.  As we know Aretha Franklin was a trendsetter, especially with her hair, she was known for saying “I’m a big woman. I need big hair.” Her hairstyles were often emulated but never duplicated.

Let us know your favourite Aretha Franklin hair looks.

Here are 3 of our favourite Aretha Franklin hairstyles, which pay homage to the Queen of Soul.

Queen crowned in Curls

aretha Blog Spot

(Image provided by

Get the look: Our Dream Girl lace front wig Ciara will give you queen like big curl.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Hair

Aretha Albun Cover

One of her most iconic songs is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The art work for the album deserves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, so you know we had to include it! Aretha wore her hair short with loose curls on album cover as the focus was really on her beauty in this shot. However her hair still had body.


Get the look: Our Goddess lace wig is a lovely short wig and as it is 100% human hair you can curl and back-comb to create body.

Beautiful Bun

Aretha Franklin

(Image provided by )

As beautiful as Aretha Franklin is she wanted the focus on her voice, as we can see in this image of her in 70’s she looked gorgeous with a simple top knot bun, which she rocked effortless.

Get the look: Our popular bun will give you an effortless top knot bun!

Head into autumn hair trends Dream Girl

14 Aug

It seems almost criminal to be thinking about upcoming hair trends when we’re in the middle of a summer heatwave, but planning ahead is essential to stay on point and ahead of the curve here At Dream Girl. Without further ado, we present our top autumn and winter hairstyles plus recommendations.

Look 1: Messy Bun

The word ‘messy bun’ is music to our ears – and luckily they aren’t fading away in the coming months! The only difference to this messy bun is that it’s slightly more luxurious; style it and then accessorise however you like – the key is to keep the crown smooth and the bun as flyaway as you like! For this look we recommend Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions as they’re natural, soft and perfect for styling! Simply glue them in at your roots, style accordingly, and accessorise – it couldn’t be easier! Get the look here:!#-!39


Look 2: Free-flowing Hair

Nothing says ‘look at me’ like hair with great movement. This look consists of a simple centre parting and super smooth hair tucked behind your ears – in our opinion, the easier a look is to do, the better!  Since this look requires a more minimalist, natural approach, we recommend Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions as they’re designed to remain tangle-free for as long as possible, and look as natural as hair extensions can get. To get the look and add volume and length to your hair, simply glue these extensions in at the roots and style accordingly! Get the look here:!#-!39


Look 3: Smooth Waves

Here at Dream Girl, we like low maintenance looks – and sleek waves are definitely among those! All it requires is some low-level curling and a quick brush through and off you go – but you can go the extra mile with Dream Girl, naturally! For this look we recommend Dream Girl Body Waves hair extensions for a more pronounced wave that you can brush out or exaggerate depending on your mood – simply glue the extensions in at your roots and style as you like! Get the look here:!#-!1



Look like a celebrity this summer with Dream Girl!

6 Aug

Celebrities… we all want to look like them and emulate their hairstyles. From the long locks of Kim Kardashian to the sleek lob of Caroline Flack, celebs have hairstyles to die for – with the help of hair stylists, of course! However, Dream Girl can help you achieve the longed-for hair of your favourite celebs whether you want more length, volume, or texture! Below we’ve selected some of our favourite celebs this summer, plus hairstyles that are timelessly popular for you to recreate with Dream Girl!Kim K Celebrity Net Worth

Image: Net Worth

Look 1 – Kim Kardashian:

Kim’s famous for her sleek, long locks. Yes, she may have chopped them off in favour of a bob this summer, but her long hair remains enviable and timeless, even when it’s a long bob. More famous perhaps is how sleek and shiny her hair looks – but Dream Girl’s got you covered for this entire look with our Euro Weft hair extensions, which are straight textured and silky and soft with natural movement – perfect for imitating Kim’s glossy locks. They add volume and length; all you need to do is glue them in at the roots and style accordingly – it couldn’t be easier! Get the look here:!#-!655

Suzanne Jackson- Caroline Flack

Image: Suzanne Jones

Look 2 – Caroline Flack:

Caroline’s famous for her bob hairstyles, whether they’re long or short – although she was most recently seen in Love Island rocking a just below the shoulder look… which we loved! One look we’ve loved this year is soft beach waves, which Caroline pulled off perfectly! Envious? So are we! Stealing her look, however, couldn’t be easier – we recommend Dream Girl Italian Body Waves for an easy beach look with real volume, length and natural movement – just glue them in at the roots, style, and brush through! Get the look here:


Look 3 – Maya Jama:

Curly dark hair with just a hint of a wave to it depending on the day? You must be thinking of Maya Jama – us too! Although she’s recently gone all-out blonde, her dark hair remains iconic – as do the curls! This look is simply a summer must-have as far as we’re concerned – and it’s so easy to achieve thanks to Dream Girl! We recommend Dream Girl Body Waves for a low maintenance curl that you can use for an understated day or style further for a more exaggerated look – simply glue them in at the roots, style however you like, and go! Get the look here


Image: Twitter Maya Jama Twitter

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