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Kate Middleton has hair fit for a princess

7 Oct
kate middleton

Kate Middleton’s hair looks naturally voluminous

Kate Middleton has, we think, more than won the title of she with the glossiest locks. On the recent royal trip to Canada, she looked her elegant finest.

Glossy, richly coloured and healthy locks aren’t something you only get if you’re a princess. Instead, it’s something we can all get.

The first step is to think about how hair can look and feel healthier. Even if you wear hair extensions you can keep your own natural locks in peak condition. Reduce the heat on your hair. Especially if you wear hair extensions. Heat just strips the hair’s natural oils away, making it dry and brittle. You can restore your own natural hair, but if you wear 100% human hair extensions any damage can’t be reversed. So it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Much like skin, the healthiest hair is moisturised, gets plenty of the right nutrients and good vitamins. So a healthy diet will be reflected in your hair, along with drinking plenty of water. A mask deep in moisture and nourishment used regularly will help to restore those ends and build it back up.

So once you’ve got the foundations in place, what’s next? Kate Middleton has long hair and for those who want to emulate it you may need to wear hair extensions. Either clip on, glue or sewn you’ll need to wear extensions that blend seamlessly into your own locks. Dream Girl has over 80 colours and plenty of different styles for all textures.

How to copy the style? Kate Middleton rocks the half up-do that’s ideal if you need to look smart. Hair needs to be smooth so add a serum or spray to reduce frizz. Whenever possible, allow hair to dry naturally and part it so it falls evenly. The front sections around the forehead should be pulled back and styled at the back with pins. A small twist will make this look extra finished.

To add curls at the ends, instead of using tongs, use pin curls. Twist the bottom section of hair and pin. You coil the hair up and then secure, adding a little spray. Leave these for up to half an hour. Once you unpin you’ll have curls at the ends fit for a queen.

The chignon is another classic style Kate Middleton wears. It looks complicated bu it’s actually quite a simple up-do. If you hair needs a little extra length for this, wear clip on hair extensions, or add a ponytail hair extension. Start with damp hair and use a little smoothing serum. Dry as normal.

Start at the front and take two sections of hair, pinning them back with pins low at the nape of the neck. Don’t pull it back too tight, hair should be soft around the face. Tie hair into a low braid at the nape of neck and secure. Wrap into a loose bun or chignon, securing with pins. Pull out a few strands to soften the look.

And there you go, hair fit for a princess!

A hot new hairstyle for long hair

16 Sep

JP Yim Getty Images for Chromat

At Dream Girl we do love keeping an eye on the fashion runways to see what new trends we can spot. You’ll occasionally see something that looks so simple and so bang on trend you know you’re going to see it everywhere.

Braids are everywhere right now; it feeds in perfectly with that sense of luxe-everyday, of laid back style with thoughtful attention that is so of the moment. Whether long fishtail braids, relaxed over the shoulder braids, crowns, plaits or double braids, it’s a style we’re seeing everywhere.

But for many of us, getting the braid right is hard. We get that. It takes practice, especially doing the four strand braid you need to do for a fishtail.

So when we say this style on the runway at New York Fashion Week we were intrigued. It’s by stylist Jon Reyman and he called it “patterned hair”.

It’s easier to do than a braid and it has a great impact. More than anything it gives real wow-factor to your long locks. A half-up do is practical and stylish, ideal for day to night. Plus it looks way more intricate than it is. On the run way it was styled with long, straight hair. If you need longer locks, remember hair extensions add that much needed extra length.

How do you style it? Like a braid, start by styling hair as normal as you want to work on dry hair. Begin right at the forehead, the hair at the very front and take two one inch sections. Cross them over. Then take the next one inch section along and cross that over, one on each side. Unlike a braid, you’re doing this along the scalp line, rather than back towards the crown, so you’re braiding out, rather than in.

Keep taking one inch sections until your get to the ears. As you take each section cross it over with the last one. Complete until your get to the crown. It should almost look like the criss-cross effect you get on top of a pie. Pin the ends in place at the crown and use spray to keep it flat and smooth.

And that’s it. It’s a clean and edgy style that’s much easier to do than a braid, once you get the hang of it, and it adds a cool looking texture to your hair.



Try Kim K’s wet look hair

2 Sep

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

When we spotted Kim K’s wet look hair style at the MTV VMA’s we were excited. One of the more edgier styles of the past few years, it’s kind of failed to ignite. We’re not sure why, slicked back or ruffled, the way Kim wore it, it’s a cool style that adds real lift to an outfit.


Taylor Swift has worn it, as has Mollie King. We think you should try it to.

It might look like the easiest hairstyle in the world to recreate – what could be simpler than coming gel through your hair? – but in fact there are some rules to follow. Here’s Dream Girl’s guide. 

First, you don’t have to have long hair for this style to work but you do need body. If your hair is very fine then chances are it might look too flat. Instead what makes each of these hairstyles work is the body at the roots. This extra volume makes the style edgier and less drab (tip, you don’t want it to look like you simply haven’t washed your hair!). 

If you do need to add volume at the roots, Clip’N Go hair extensions are the easiest way to do it. Choose from over 80 shades to find a colour that closely matches your own natural shade. As well as adding length, clip on hair extensions will add much needed volume at the roots, ensuring this style doesn’t go limp.

Another way this hairstyle is really working is when there is plenty of texture. Mollie King, as well as Kim Kardashian, give a masterclass here with their style that almost looks like she’s stepped right out of the shower. It starts by blow-drying the style or using rollers to add plenty of volume at the roots. Hair is then slicked up, rather than down, with plenty of attention given to the ends to offer lots of shape.

If you’re wearing your hair slicked back then you also have to pay attention to the rest of your look. Having the hair away from the face means you can really draw attention to the eyes and make them pop. Taylor Swift uses a smoky eye effect to do that as did Rita Ora who debuted a much shorter slicked style at the BRITS this week. Nude lips and very dark eyes created almost a retro Hollywood glamour style, making you think of Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich, goddesses of silver screen style.

The secret to this style is to make sure it doesn’t look like there’s too much product; a light gel that creates lift and control but without the wet effect is how this edgy look is being worn this spring.

Hair colour trends for Autumn 2016

26 Aug

What colour should your hair be for this autumn? If you fancy a change we’ve got all the tips and trends so your style is bang up to date.

We’re using Dream Girl’s Colour Guide so you can find the exact right shade to match your autumn style.

5_perky-side-ponyChestnut Brown, DG Colour Code: 6

Chestnut Brown, a rich, reddish brown shade is always perfect for autumn. It perfectly reflects the earthier shades that come through as the trees start shedding their leaves. With the low light it helps those redder shades pop and become more vibrant.

A more beige blonde, DG Colour Code: 24

A changing blonde shade always reflects a changing season. At this time of year, blondes tend to get warmer. You want it light but keep it with a gentle, almost auburn, warmth to lift blondes. Light Honey Blonde is the ideal shade to bring your blonde up to date.

Bronde, DG Colour Code : P18-16-613

Updating last year’s ombre blend, this blonde and brown mix is perfect for a changing season. A deeper brown with caramel or lighter highlights on top brings much needed warmth and can help lift the last of that summer tan.

Go for a Dream Girl Combi choice of Caramel Brown, Dark Blonde and Lightest Blonde to add levels of colour.


Burnt orange, DG Colour Code: 30

A light auburn helps redheads bring their already autumnal shade up to date. It’s almost terracotta, or a burnt brownie orange, chestnut. But it’s paler and lighter so a much more subtle red.

Cinnamon and Copper, DG Code P4-33

A blend of two different shades can offer a seasonal shift with this slightly redder tone lifting dark browns. A Chocolate and a Rich Copper Red offers a brightness and a warmth to lift the darkness of the brown. Autumn is all about colour and light and this trend blends those seamlessly.

Shop Dream Girl’s over 80 shades online.


How to get long, curly hair

22 Jul

This week, Elle and Google published results about America’s most wanted hairstyles. Looking at what women put into search engines helped them to see what kind of styles are the most in demand.

The most wanted hairstyle for long hair was Beyonce’s loose waves. It’s not hard to see why. The long, carefree styled locks ooze healthy hair, shine and plenty of body.

Beyonce’s beachy waves are also achievable for many different kinds of hair. So many styles only suit one hair type. This is not one of them.

For those who want those long locks then Dream Girl can help. First, look at our Waves and Curls range which offers a range of different curls, depending on your own natural texture. This will add both length and volume.

You can also choose the texture of the hair extensions you choose when it comes to the waves and curls as well, whether it’s a Remi style or thicker strands.

When it comes to colour you want these extensions to blend in seamlessly with your own style, so use the Colour Comparator to find the exact shade you need. With over 80 colours it’s easier to find the right one.

It’s better to achieve waves and curls without using heat, as this will damage your locks. So this range of hair extensions will prove much better in helping you get the look.

To keep the style all day long make sure you’re using a shine spray and hairspray to keep yourself and your hair looking healthy.

However you want to style your hair, remember you don’t have to live with the hair you’re born with. Explore Dream Girl’s online shop for more.

The finest festival hairstyles

15 Jul

We’re right in the middle of festival season. Latitude, Creamfields, Blue Dot, Reading; it’s all still to come. So how to style your hair. Dream Girl has some ideas .

Festival style is kind of boho, think really low maintenance. It’s simple easy to do styles that can last a couple of days and will keep hair off the face. 

The fake undercut

We’ve seen plenty of stars go for a buzzed undercut in the past couple of years. It takes real guts though (and for those who work in an office it probably isn’t practical. Instead, do a Lea Michele and fake it. Simply create a deep side parting and then braid using little strands from roots to tip. Keep going until you reach under the ear and pin in place. Easy peasy

Braid your fringe

So, here’s a secret about festivals. Unless you’re armed with a gallon of dry shampoo, your fringe will look awful. Just dreadful, all the time. It’s sweaty, dirty and a fringe never responds well to that. Twist and braid it out of the way to add a little texture while also keeping it off your face. Start with a deep side parting and braid hair across the front hairline. Secure with a band once you reach the height of your cheekbone. Tucks the ends underneath the hair and fix with a grip.

A classic, messy chignon

A chignon can look a little too neat for a festival. But if you want to embrace that boho “I woke up like this, honest” hairstyle then try this. Tie hair back into a ponytail. Not too high, just below the crown. Backcomb the ponytail to add a little volume. Grab yourself some pins and fix the ends of the ponytail back towards the base. A simple trick, Twist sections around your finger, scrunch down and pin. Pull out strands to frame the face and keep it relaxed. 

Side plait


When you have long hair you just want to keep it off your face at big events. The side plait is an easy way to style your hair and it looks great. Even if you have hair extensions it’s a simple style and the longer your hair, the better it looks! Begin the plait a little above the nape of the neck; not quite as high as a braid but underneath the crown. Continue the plait right down to the tips and secure with a band. Allow the fringe and a few stray strands to line the face.

The classic boho waves

For long wavy hair you can get a boost in length from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range of hair extensions. To tease curls without heat simply use pins and  hairspray before you go to sleep. In one inch sections twist hair around the finger and then pin in place with a grip. Once all the hair is twisted back spray to help it fix. Wake up in the morning, uncurl and gently separate the waves. Beachy, festival waves without using heat.


Go long, go glam

22 Nov

Dream Girl knows that with great length comes great versatility

At the Global Gift Gala this week the celebrities were out in force and their hair was looking sensational. From Eva Longoria to Victoria Beckham – who are best buds on and off the red carpet – they showed how longer locks can be more versatile and give you more of a chance to play around with different styles.

Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length and volume and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen a few on the red carpet. The very finest extensions, Remi Silky, are 100% human hair, sourced ethically and then carefully treated. With over 80 colours on offer, Dream Girl can help you to find the perfect match so that hair extensions blend in seamlessly with your own locks.



Once you chosen the right shade and you’ve visited your salon to ensure they are fitted properly, you can start styling.

Take inspiration from Eva Longoria and so for a slick and chic swept back style. The middle parting and shiny finish puts all the focus on her beautiful bone structure and wow-factor eyes. A ponytail hair extension can create the same effect. Just curl the ends under, twist and pin to achieve maximum glam with this bun that sits just at the nape of the neck. You can wear hair looser in a ponytail.

Next up Victoria Beckham’s style is pure red carpet. The parting is slightly off centre and hair looks thick and healthy. The volume at the roots helps to give it a lift. Achieve extra bounce with a blow dry and backcombing. Keep hair smooth and straight at the roots, curling under at the tips to achieve this look.

These two brunette beauties we’re the only ones showcasing how hair extensions can transform your style. Pixie Lott uses a bouffant style to add a glamorous finish. Use extensions for length and volume then backcomb hair at the crown to achieve this finish.



Straight, sleek and glossy is the watchword for X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger who uses a middle parting to great effect in a style that looks simple but hair needs to be in tip top shape to recreate it. Treat your locks to a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment to make sure locks are as shiny as possible and radiate health.

No matter what finish you’re looking for, hair extensions can help to give your style a lift. With longer and thicker locks you’re able to experiment with more styles and showcase a red carpet look that’s all your own.

Don’t forget we’ve got our sale continuing in our online Dream Girl store plus our Model Contest 2014 has launched and you can enter now.


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