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The easiest way to perfect hair

1 Sep

We know what it’s like when you’ve got a special night planned.

Prom and wedding season might be coming to a close but it might be a party, a first date or (whisper it) it’s nearly Christmas season. You want to look perfect. You get an outfit you feel fabulous in and you want you hair to look your best.

Dream Girl can’t help with the dress but we can with the hair.

Whether you want to wear your hair half-up, down, make it wavy or poker straight we’d suggest one ingredient you might need is clip-on hair extensions. Longer and fuller hair makes locks more manageable and creates a more eye-catching and special look. They’re easy to use and help create that wow-factor.

You can either fit your clip-on extensions at home, or pop into a salon and ask them to do it. Salons and stylists will be on hand to help to recreate special stylish hairstyles so it might be easier to do it all in one trip.

To choose hair extensions the first thing you need to do is look at Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator and Colour Guide. You need to decide what shade to go for. Obviously, you could opt for something like one of our Fancies that’s a bright colour to catch the eye. More likely, though, you’re looking to enhance your own hair so pick a shade that’s as close to your own natural hair colour as possible.

The next step is to choose how long you want your hair extensions to be. You can choose either 14”, 16” or 18”.

Once your hair extensions arrive you’ll find they are easy to fit yourself, if you want to do it in your own bedroom. The clips are different widths to fit securely and offer added coverage at different parts of your head. Start at the nape of the neck and work up to the crown. Then fit the smaller extensions at the side of the head. Our clip-on extensions are designed to cover the clips naturally but just arrange to make sure not of the clips are visible.

Then you need to choose your style. You can opt for an up-do or a looser natural wavy finish. Perhaps a long braid or a half-up do. You might want something classic, or something slightly funkier – it depends what your personal style is.

For a classic look, how about a half-up do with waves? Either choose clip-on extensions with a natural wave, or create a kink by twisting hair extensions and then clipping up to create a wave without using heat. After a few hours uncurl and then take hair your hair to tie up. If you have a fringe you might want to sweep to the side. Backcomb hair at the crown to add lift then pin hair in place.

And it isn’t just long and loose hair, you can use the extra length and volume to try one of these season’s hottest ponytails, or a fishtail braid.
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The long and short of it

19 May

Who wants the same hair everyday? Nobody does. You can chop and change your hair as often as you do your shoes, and in fact you should! Embrace your inner hairstyle chameleon.

Kim Kardashian, not for the first time, showed us exactly what we’re talking about at Dream Girl in a Snapchat video last week.

On Wednesday she was showing off a new longer hairstyle. Waist length black locks were shown draping down her back and almost to the floor as she sat down.

Earlier in the week Kim had worn a shorter, sleeker bob. Curled under slightly at the ends, the style was one the star has rocked in recent months.

Yet by the end of the week, Kim was back to shorter hair, which was wavy and just below the shoulder.

This opportunity for eye-catching locks and the chance to change your style as often as you like is easily achieved with clip on hair extensions.

Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go hair extensions use premium 100% quality human hair, so look natural, glossy and healthy. The hair extensions have clips attached on the wefts, so it’s simple to just clip the extensions onto your own locks and have added length in minutes.

It couldn’t be easier. Choose from over 80 shades in browns, reds, blondes, funkies and combos. Once you’ve picked the shade that closely matches your own, you can choose from six different lengths, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″.

For a full head of coverage you get four long strips with three clips per weft, two medium strips with two clips per weft and four small strips with a single clip per weft.

Then, all you need to do is clip the hair into place, adding instant length to your natural locks and added volume. If you like, you can work with your hair stylist to style the temporary hair extensions, creating you own natural style with them, so you know they’ll look as natural as possible.

Changing your hair daily doesn’t need to be difficult. You can have the hair you dream of and chop and change your style as often as you like. And if, like Kim K, you want to keep them guessing on social media as much as you can as to what your REAL hairstyle is, then make it simple with Dream Girl and wear the style you want every day.

The easiest way to dream hair

28 Apr

Are you one of those people who keeps up to date on hair trends, and is always keen to try them? Whether it’s blunt cuts, layers, ombre lock, side partings, mid partings, are you the one who always tries the trend the minute you spot it on the catwalks?

Some people love clothes, others love accessories. For some of us our obsession is hair and trying new things. At Dream Girl we completely understand that. After all, trying out the latest trends is something we do a lot and hair is our passion.

If long hair is the trend you’ve always wanted to try though, you might have thought it’d be easy but actually it can be the hardest. Our hair isn’t something we can control brilliantly well. In fact, our hair is tricky because while it might sit one way at a shorter length, the longer it gets it might change. This can have a huge impact on volume, texture and movement, all of which can affect how we see the style we’ve got.

We might assume that long hair would look great on us, because a lob does, but once we start to grow our hair in fact it just gets flatter and looses all the volume we loved.

Clip on hair extensions can be the quickest solution to their problem. Dream Girl’s 100% human hair extensions can be clipped into place in minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

The first step is to choose the colour. With over 80 shades to choose from you want a colour that closely matches your own, or that adds either highlights or lowlights. it’s about complimenting your own natural locks rather than covering or fighting against them.

Choosing length is the next step. How long do you want your hair to be? Hair extensions aren’t simply about having super long locks. Instead it’s about choosing what best suits your face and thew rest of your style. Hair extensions are also about adding volume as well as length, so it depends what you want the final shape to be.

When you’ve chosen your hair extensions you start by clipping them to the nape of the neck, so it’s bottom up. The clip ons attach to the roots of your hair. Then you work your way around the scalp. There are longer sections to cover hair at the back and shorter sections for the side, offering a more natural fall and shape to the hair.

Don’t clip on your hair extensions too tightly. Instead give a little space more movement and a natural look and feel. Too tight and they’ll feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Once fitted,. just brush your hair over and there you go, you’ve got the perfect long locks you’ve always dreamed of.

10 steps to the perfect hair extensions

14 Apr

If you’re thinking that this season is the perfect opportunity to get new hair extensions then listen up. At Dream Girl, we know a thing or two about getting fuller and longer hair using 100% human hair extensions.

But before you jump in, it’s worth stopping to plan. Understanding what you need, and getting the right hair extensions for you will help you end up with the hair you want.

Here are our tips …

You might think you’re being savvy by spending money, but it’s always best to get the very best you can afford. That means the salon you choose too. A salon that specialises in hair extensions won’t mind about showing you pictures of previous happy clients, so you know what you’re getting.

Hair extensions aren’t just about length. OK, celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Nikki Minaj might have been spotted wearing super long hair extensions, but actually, most people who wear hair extensions want thicker hair with more volume, not longer hair.

Think long term. Talk to your stylist about a method that makes it easier for you to get the longest possible life out of your hair extensions.

The better the quality of the hair, the longer they’ll last. 100% human hair extensions with the cuticles still intact, like Dream Girl’s Remi Silky hair extensions, look and feel like natural hair and look glossy for longer.

Don’t assume you’ll still be able to style your hair the same after hair extensions. Your own hair grows back, extensions don’t. Do you research and invest in the right products.

Hair extensions can help protect your natural hair too. Want to go a different colour? Use hair extensions rather than dye.

Your stylist can help you learn how to wear hair extensions long term and how to protect your locks. It’s about maintenance.

Hair extensions can help with up-dos, by making ponytails look fuller and buns larger. You might not need a full head of hair extensions if you’re wanting an up-do for a special occasion like a wedding.

If you don’t want permanent hair extensions think about clip ons. The versatility of being able to change your style in minutes is great.

It’s about making the most of your style. Try it, see if you like it and make it work for you.




Be bright and bold this spring

10 Mar

gigi-hadid-kendall-jenner-neon-highlights-at-verscae-show-ftr-2Spring 2017 is the season for neon. With fashion week catwalks illuminated by electrifying citrus hues of red, orange and yellow and over-sized acid florals, the neon trend is making a fierce fashion statement.

But these head turning shades aren’t just restricted to your wardrobe; why let your clothes have all the fun?

Take your inspiration from supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid who worked neon-rainbow hair extensions whilst strutting their stuff at Milan Fashion Week this month. Be bold and bright, lifting your neon to the next level with some straight up sassy and colourful shades. It couldn’t be easier with Dream Girl’s Fancies range. Simply clip neon tonal extensions into your own hair for an electrifying splash of colour that is instantly on trend and tons of fun.

Whether you opt for thinner extensions for a subtle highlight effect or go all out with fuller slashes of colour, you can be certain that your style will look fabulous, adding a striking twist to a glamorous look (WARNING: Beware of jealous unicorns).

Dress your hair with your favourite colours, and give your hairstyle an instant makeover. Clip in the perfect shade for a quick and easy update and you’re ready to hit the town (There’s quite a few colours to choose from with Dream Girl, from yellow to turquoise). And, if your school or workplace is a little more conservative, removing them is just as simple, but remember all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.

Select an extension shade to complement your outfit, but you’ll find that when neon is involved, it’s the brighter the better. Neon hair works with everything, contrasting spectacularly against an all-black wardrobe, or, if you’re feeling brave, a riotous clash of vivid colours would certainly get you noticed.

Working with all hair lengths, premium quality hair extensions in modern tones add a hint of catwalk chic for those looking for a temporary change that’s full of impact. For longer hairstyles, opt for a poker straight look or go for full bouncy volume, allowing your extensions to shine through, giving you a unique and fresh hairstyle that will look just as good on a shopping date with friends as when you’re hitting the dancefloor in your favourite club.

Shorter hair can rock slices of colour too, cutting hair extensions to length and working them into your current style for some added lift and a flash of rainbow.  

Switch up your image to suit your mood. Swap your hair colours, and combine with the right make-up effects, to achieve the style that reflects your personality. Coordinate your neon locks with heavy, dark eye makeup and on point contouring for an edgy look, reminiscent of 90s grunge. Or crank up the cute factor with matching shades of nail varnish and ‘I just woke up like this’ subtle makeup, with dewy eyes and rosy cheeks.

As the latest hair trends go, it would be hard to find a look as stand-out, fun and affordable as this one. Stress free styling for Spring; embrace, experiment and enjoy your new neon hair and all the fun it will bring.

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