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Easy hairstyles for thick hair

9 Dec

When many women get hair extensions it’s because they want their hair to be longer and fuller. Thick hair, however, can pose it’s own challenges when it comes to styling. Although we love wearing our hair loose, sometimes you need an up-do.

If you’re new to hair extensions and wondering how to deal with your new thick hair, Dream Girl is here to help. We’ve chosen three hair styles we think are perfect for thick hair, with or without hair extensions.

Braid it up

A braid is one of the easiest ways to style your new thick hair and to keep it out of the way. This is especially good in hot weather but it also ideal if you want an up-do that looks fancy but is in fact really easy to do.

Start by sectioning your hair into about four different sections, two at the sides and two at the back. Plait each section and secure at the tips.

Start with a braid at the side and twist around so that it covers the nape of the neck. Then take one at the back and twist so it covers the back of the head and the crown. Check in a mirror to see if there are any gaps and then use the second plait at the back to do the same, but cover the places you missed with the other plait. Then, take the last plait on the side and style across the front of the hairline. Pin each in place and spray to secure.

The classic chignon

The french style bun is an easy style to master, even if it looks quite intricate. Just think of it as a twisted bun.

Take small sections of hair, twist them and pin them at the nape of the neck. Keep going until all your hair is pinned back. Next, take the long section of hair at the back and divide into two. Take one section and twist it around. Tuck the ends under and pin it in place. Take the second section and do the same. Use a little spray to secure and all the pins are in place.

A messy bun

A really simple style for your thick hair that will look great, day or night.

Start by sectioning your hair. Take the top half and tie back at the crown, like a half up-do. Twist the ends of the half pony into a small bun and pin in place.

Next take the bottom half. Take two larger sections out of the side of the hair, covering the ears. Take the back section, twist it and create a second bun on top of the bun. Pin in place. Take out a few strands to create a slightly messy, wispy feel and spray.


A simple up-do for the weekend

23 Sep

Autumn always makes us think of tousled locks, wavy, styles and rich chestnut browns and reds. As it is now officially Autumn, we feel inspired at the start of a new season. If you do too, why not try something new with your hair?


Take a little inspiration for this beautiful up-do (as seen on Taylor Swift among others). It’s classic, timeless with just enough of a 2016 twist.

You’ll need longer locks for this style so for those with hair extensions it’s easy to whip your hair back. If you have shorter hair that you lengthen with clip-on hair extensions you’ll need to wear them to try this.

Once that’s done part your hair slightly to the side. Take the first section at the front by the temple; it should be about an inch wide. Begin to twist the hair so it almost looks like a braid. Once you get to the nape of the neck take your pins and pin in place. The pins should be invisible so point them in towards the scalp to secure the twist.

Take the section on the other temple and repeat the process again. Once you reach the nape of the neck again pin the hair in place.

Check in the mirror turning your head to the left and the right making sure the twist is uniform, secure and even across the sides of the head.

You should now have a long ponytail lying down your back. Without disturbing the pins begin to twist the ponytail until it begins to coil round. Twist it into a bun at the centre of the head and tuck the ends under. Pin to secure. Pull out a few strands so it doesn’t look too “done”. 

Taylor wears a side parting and you could do the same with a great pair of earrings. A red lip will pop and adds to the impact of a classic style.

There you go, an easy way to embrace a new Autumn style.


A hot new hairstyle for long hair

16 Sep

JP Yim Getty Images for Chromat

At Dream Girl we do love keeping an eye on the fashion runways to see what new trends we can spot. You’ll occasionally see something that looks so simple and so bang on trend you know you’re going to see it everywhere.

Braids are everywhere right now; it feeds in perfectly with that sense of luxe-everyday, of laid back style with thoughtful attention that is so of the moment. Whether long fishtail braids, relaxed over the shoulder braids, crowns, plaits or double braids, it’s a style we’re seeing everywhere.

But for many of us, getting the braid right is hard. We get that. It takes practice, especially doing the four strand braid you need to do for a fishtail.

So when we say this style on the runway at New York Fashion Week we were intrigued. It’s by stylist Jon Reyman and he called it “patterned hair”.

It’s easier to do than a braid and it has a great impact. More than anything it gives real wow-factor to your long locks. A half-up do is practical and stylish, ideal for day to night. Plus it looks way more intricate than it is. On the run way it was styled with long, straight hair. If you need longer locks, remember hair extensions add that much needed extra length.

How do you style it? Like a braid, start by styling hair as normal as you want to work on dry hair. Begin right at the forehead, the hair at the very front and take two one inch sections. Cross them over. Then take the next one inch section along and cross that over, one on each side. Unlike a braid, you’re doing this along the scalp line, rather than back towards the crown, so you’re braiding out, rather than in.

Keep taking one inch sections until your get to the ears. As you take each section cross it over with the last one. Complete until your get to the crown. It should almost look like the criss-cross effect you get on top of a pie. Pin the ends in place at the crown and use spray to keep it flat and smooth.

And that’s it. It’s a clean and edgy style that’s much easier to do than a braid, once you get the hang of it, and it adds a cool looking texture to your hair.



5 hairstyles to get you back to school

9 Sep

It’s hard enough going back to school after a long summer holiday. Your hair shouldn’t be one more thing that makes you stressed.

So here are Dream Girl’s top five styles that are bang on trend and will help you get back into the school spirit. We’ve got a special back to school offer on this month at the bottom of this post.

If you need extra length or lift remember hair extensions offer both inches and volume. Choose from over 80 shades to find the right Dream Girl extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural locks.

Slicked back pony

Wet-look is a key look for autumn. It’s probably a bit much of the classroom, but you can nod to the style with a ponytail. Dry hair as normal. Use gel to comb hair neatly into a high or low ponytail. You need it to be as smooth as possible. Any fringe or wispy ends need to be smoothed down. Once the ponytail is secured, use serum and hairspray to add shine and finish.

A ponytail hair extension can add length if you need a longer pony.

Full curls

Curls are a definite trend for autumn, no matter how long or short your hair is. We have a range of hair extensions designed for Waves and Curls so you can try these if you need added length. For full waves don’t use curling tongs as this will damage you hair. Instead, opt for retro full waves by styling pin curls.

Use mousse on damp hair before you dry. Once dried, use one inch sections of hair, twist and pin to the scalp. Use a little hairspray. Leave for as long as you can, but at least half an hour. Uncurl. brush to loosen the curls into waves and scrunch and spray to finish.

Twisted pony

A twisted finish is the best way to update your pony. Start by combing dry hair back into a low ponytail a the nape of the neck. Pull the bobble down an inch or so. Divide the hair above the bobble and the ponytail in half, so you can fit your fingers through the gap. Take the ponytail and feed it through the gap, creating a twist. Repeat twice for a longer twist.

A little back comb will make the ponytail fuller. And you’re done!

A simple knot

Plaits and knots are big this season. It’s also a great way to keep you hair neat and tucked back. Start by putting your dry hair in a low ponytail. Secure. Plait the ponytail and leave a little loose at the ends, around an inch or so. Twist the plait around to make a bun, securing with pins as you go. Use the inch or so section to be the last bit of the bun, closest to your scalp. Secure with pins and spray to finish.

An old fashioned braid

Braids are bang on trend so a long braid will be a great way to make sure your hair is stylish and on trend. Start at the crown, diving hair into three sections. Work your way down to the bottom, ensuring the braid is tight at this stage. Tie with a bobble at the ends. Loosen slightly by pulling at the braid sections but keep it neat.

Back to School NEW.jpg

How to get long, curly hair

22 Jul

This week, Elle and Google published results about America’s most wanted hairstyles. Looking at what women put into search engines helped them to see what kind of styles are the most in demand.

The most wanted hairstyle for long hair was Beyonce’s loose waves. It’s not hard to see why. The long, carefree styled locks ooze healthy hair, shine and plenty of body.

Beyonce’s beachy waves are also achievable for many different kinds of hair. So many styles only suit one hair type. This is not one of them.

For those who want those long locks then Dream Girl can help. First, look at our Waves and Curls range which offers a range of different curls, depending on your own natural texture. This will add both length and volume.

You can also choose the texture of the hair extensions you choose when it comes to the waves and curls as well, whether it’s a Remi style or thicker strands.

When it comes to colour you want these extensions to blend in seamlessly with your own style, so use the Colour Comparator to find the exact shade you need. With over 80 colours it’s easier to find the right one.

It’s better to achieve waves and curls without using heat, as this will damage your locks. So this range of hair extensions will prove much better in helping you get the look.

To keep the style all day long make sure you’re using a shine spray and hairspray to keep yourself and your hair looking healthy.

However you want to style your hair, remember you don’t have to live with the hair you’re born with. Explore Dream Girl’s online shop for more.

The finest festival hairstyles

15 Jul

We’re right in the middle of festival season. Latitude, Creamfields, Blue Dot, Reading; it’s all still to come. So how to style your hair. Dream Girl has some ideas .

Festival style is kind of boho, think really low maintenance. It’s simple easy to do styles that can last a couple of days and will keep hair off the face. 

The fake undercut

We’ve seen plenty of stars go for a buzzed undercut in the past couple of years. It takes real guts though (and for those who work in an office it probably isn’t practical. Instead, do a Lea Michele and fake it. Simply create a deep side parting and then braid using little strands from roots to tip. Keep going until you reach under the ear and pin in place. Easy peasy

Braid your fringe

So, here’s a secret about festivals. Unless you’re armed with a gallon of dry shampoo, your fringe will look awful. Just dreadful, all the time. It’s sweaty, dirty and a fringe never responds well to that. Twist and braid it out of the way to add a little texture while also keeping it off your face. Start with a deep side parting and braid hair across the front hairline. Secure with a band once you reach the height of your cheekbone. Tucks the ends underneath the hair and fix with a grip.

A classic, messy chignon

A chignon can look a little too neat for a festival. But if you want to embrace that boho “I woke up like this, honest” hairstyle then try this. Tie hair back into a ponytail. Not too high, just below the crown. Backcomb the ponytail to add a little volume. Grab yourself some pins and fix the ends of the ponytail back towards the base. A simple trick, Twist sections around your finger, scrunch down and pin. Pull out strands to frame the face and keep it relaxed. 

Side plait


When you have long hair you just want to keep it off your face at big events. The side plait is an easy way to style your hair and it looks great. Even if you have hair extensions it’s a simple style and the longer your hair, the better it looks! Begin the plait a little above the nape of the neck; not quite as high as a braid but underneath the crown. Continue the plait right down to the tips and secure with a band. Allow the fringe and a few stray strands to line the face.

The classic boho waves

For long wavy hair you can get a boost in length from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range of hair extensions. To tease curls without heat simply use pins and  hairspray before you go to sleep. In one inch sections twist hair around the finger and then pin in place with a grip. Once all the hair is twisted back spray to help it fix. Wake up in the morning, uncurl and gently separate the waves. Beachy, festival waves without using heat.


Try two celebrity hairstyles right now

8 Nov

If you’re looking for two hairstyles to tempt you this weekend then Dream Girl suggests you look no further than Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Awards this week.

One easy to style up-do, the second a glamorous quiffed look whatever your taste, you can simply tease and coax your hair extensions to recreate them.

Taylor Swift’s faux bob is fast becoming one of the foxiest styles of the season. Easy to DIY at home it’s an up-do that lets those of us with longer locks to change it up and try out a shorter looking hairstyle, without going for the chop.

Meanwhile for those who prefer their style a little glam then Carrie Underwood’s sleek and groomed style needs just a flash of red lipstick or dramatic eye makeup to match.



Taylor Swift’s faux bob

This is such an easy to recreate up-do it’ll be your go to style for nights out as well as a simple do for the office. If you’re wearing hair extensions don’t worry, this is all about creating texture and a retro look. Begin by styling hair as normal and increase volume at the crown. You can do this while you blow dry or by backcombing. Style your fringe or the front of your hair as normal.

You achieve the look by tucking your hair underneath. Arm yourself with bobby pins and some hairspray. First twist hair so that the ends can be easily tucked under and then in sections simply fold the hair up. Taylor’s style here folds the hair over, rather than under and creates this “kicked out” look. Pin each section in place. With a mirror ensure no ends are untidily sticking out and if they are just pin then. Spray to secure. Match with a flick of black eyeliner and glowing skin.

Carrie Underwood’s glam style

This is a truly glamorous style that looks as though it’s stepped right out of the 1950s. It works best on long styles so your hair extensions will work to full effect.

Begin by washing and styling as usual. Hair needs to look glossy so add a serum or intense conditioner into your routine. Once hair is dried, use rollers to create the curly effect. Roll hair away from the face; it should frame rather than cover your features. For the quiff, style into a side parting and then take the front section of hair. Coil around a roller and twist it right up to the scalp and fix. This will help you get maximum uplift at the roots. Spray to secure.

Leave the rollers in for as long as you can, at least half an hour. Uncurl the rollers and your hair should fall into natural curls. Uncurl the front section with the quiff and back comb slightly to fix the volume, using hairspray to secure.

Take the section of hair on the other side of the parting and clip above the ear.

Match with defined eyes and shimmering body lotion for a truly Hollywood style.

Remember you can still get up to 30% off hair extensions in Dream Girl’s end of summer sale.


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