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The best hairstyles for Autumn 2017

4 Aug

Yes, we know it’s August. But already our minds are turning to autumn. Falling leaves, rich auburn and copper colours, a chill in the air, knits and warmer clothes. At Dream Girl we’ve been hunting through the best looks from the runways to offer you the top hairstyle tips for Autumn 2017.

Dreamy waves

Dior Romantic Waves dream girl hair extensions


Texture was big news at fashion shows like Dior. Waves have to look natural, so turn to techniques like pin curls – where you twist sections of hair and pin in place, leaving it for half hour before uncurling – offers a more natural wave.

If your hair needs a little extra length or volume, try Dream Girl’s hair extensions in waves and curls. They come in a range of lengths and you can choose a shade that closely matches your own natural colour, so it blends in seamlessly. The waves have a retro feel. The beret is optional!

Sleek ponytails

Loewe ponytail dream girl hair extensions


We know that ponytails are having a modern moment and it isn’t stopping for Autumn. At Loewe’s show, ponytails were straight at the roots, long and sleek. This look can be updated for those whose hair has plenty of texture by smoothing hair down at the roots and leaving the ponytail full of body and shape.

Make a precise middle parting on damp hair and comb in gel to keep it flat and smooth. Set hair with a blow drier and let the ponytail dry on its own so it keeps its natural texture. Tie the ponytail at the nape of the neck.

If your ponytail needs a little extra length, use a Dream Girl ponytail hair extension that either clips or ties over your natural locks.

Natural texture

fendi dream girl hair extensions


At Gucci, Fendi and Prada, hair was decidedly low key. Natural texture, long length and feminine styles made hairstyles look relaxed. If your hair is short, hair extensions will add length and volume, but make sure you buy the right style to match your natural texture. Hair can’t look too “done” so it needs to blend into your natural hair and mirror it perfectly.

It’s also important to understand your natural texture for this look and simply enhance it. Don’t work against it. Turn off the straighteners – which you shouldn’t use on hair extensions anyway – don’t relax hair, turn off the curling tongs. Instead let hair fall in its natural parting, in a natural way and work with your stylist to create a cut that keeps it healthy and light.

Embrace your natural locks this Autumn, and if you need a little help when it comes to length or volume, turn to Dream Girl for the hair you want.




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