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A 60 second hairstyle

27 Jan

When it’s all too easy to press the snooze button for an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning, you’ll need a go to hairstyle that’s quick and practical, but still looks fantastic and fashionable when you finally arrive at school or work.

At Dream Girl we know while you may want to look like a glamour puss every day, in fact life just gets in the way. So like the outfit you have in the wardrobe that’s your go-to style when you’re too busy to get anything else sorted, you need a hairstyles that’s the same.

Whilst the top-knot has been the top-dog of a casual hair styles in recent years, its sister, the half bun, is hot on its heels as this years must do up-do. It looks great on any length of hair, but it’s with longer locks that this style really comes into its own. For those wearing hair extensions, whether sewn, glued or clip-on, this hairstyle is simple and easy to do, but it looks bang on trend. 

Reminiscent of popular looks in the early 90s, this classic style receives an update with some added volume.

In under 60 seconds, you can achieve a fun, on-trend look fast. Here’s how:

Step 1: Using a comb, separate your hair into two sections. Twist and clip the upper section of hair away from the lower section. If you’re wearing clip-on hair extensions, remember you might need to use a mirror to show the back of your head and make sure all the clips are flat and covered where applicable. 

Step 2: Gently backcomb a small area of the lower section where the bun will sit. This will add extra lift around the crown.

Step 3: Unclip the upper section and again gently backcomb underneath. Gather the upper section into a small ponytail and secure with a hair elastic, and then gently the base of the tail also.

Step 4: Twist the ponytail along its length and then wrap around until it forms a neat bun shape. Secure with hairpins.

Step 5: Gently pull at the secured bun to loosen the style and add some extra volume and texture.

Step 6: Hold in place with some hairspray

This stylish but cute hairstyle, is perfect for any age, and it will look just as good as when you’re leaving the gym following a workout, as when you’re entering the bar ready for a great night out. Add it to your list of favourite hairstyles when you’ve not got much time but you want to your hair to look great! 

De-bunking hair myths

20 Jan

Beautiful brunette with long hair flyingWho hasn’t dreamed of thick, wavy, lustrous locks cascading down their back from time to time? Lotions, potions, and the odd old wives’ tale, all promise to nourish your follicles, leaving you with a beautiful and bountiful bonce.

Throughout the decades, generations have all had their own creative ideas behind making hair thicker, shinier, straighter, curlier (you get the idea) From raw eggs to beer baths, chances are at some point in your life you’ll have tried a unique method for getting the hair of your dreams, and chances are you ended up with dry and frazzled hair from applying neat lemon juice to your roots over the summer holidays.

At Dream Girl we’re not too sure about the hair myths. And a new study has backed us up! Here’s some of the myths that have been busted. 

Quicker, thicker hair –  We’re sorry to announce that shampoos promising thick hair do little more than coat each strand with product to add bulk, and over time, continuous use can lead to chemicals building up, leaving your hair dull and limp. But fear not, there are other things you can do to give your barnet a boost. Back-combing is a quick and cost-free way to give extra lift, but be mindful that your hair can be damaged through constant teasing. Hair extensions and pieces are another fantastic way to give the appearance of fuller hair, available in a vast array of colours and styles.

50 shades of grey – You may have heard that plucking a grey hair means that more will grow in its place, please be reassured that this just isn’t true. However, for most people, developing grey hair is inevitable, with blonde haired individuals prone to greying sooner than their brunette counterparts. Embrace and celebrate your grey strands, with shades of silver becoming ever popular in salons, and with tonal treatments available to add shine, you can really make a statement with your grey hair.

It’s Splitsville – Many shampoos and hair products boast amazing properties designed to repair your hair, but in truth, once it has split the only solution is to go for the chop. Taking good care of your hair with a quality conditioner, can help to prevent split-ends, but having a regular trim is the best way to banish fly-aways and guarantee smooth, shiny looking hair.

Your hair looks hot –  Leaving a salon with bouncy curls and extra height from a blow-dry is pretty much guaranteed to leave a big grin on any girl’s face. However, to avoid wiping that smile away, care must be taken when using heated styling tools. By avoiding intensive blasts of high heat and taking good care of your hair there’s no real reason to abandon your curly blow any time soon. Although while this is right for natural hair, we’d advise not to use heat on your hair extensions

By investing in quality products and avoiding damaging behaviours, you can make the most of your natural hair colour and texture, and if you want stunning hair in future, step away from the clothes iron and leave your hair in the hands of the professionals.


How to have thick hair in 2017

6 Jan

Is this the year you’re going to have thick hair? You no longer have to live with the hair you’re born with. Instead, you can choose to have the hair you deserve.

At Dream Girl, we know that a lot of people with fine hair just want it to be a little thicker, so it looks full of life and body.

Here are the steps you need to take to get the thick hair you’re dreaming of.

The first thing you need to think about is hair extensions. Whether you opt for sewn in, glued or clip on hair extensions that are more temporary, this will add volume to your natural locks. With over 80 shades to choose from, with Dream Girl you’re more likely to find a colour that closely matches your own. This means the hair extensions will blend in seamlessly and will look more like you natural hair. Use 100% human hair extensions for a completely natural look.

Once you’ve chosen your hair extensions you need to turn to your stylist. A good cut will help you make the most of your hair and make it look thicker. Opt for a blunter style and get plenty of shorter layers. This will give you hair body and shape while also making it look thicker.

You often think that a side parting will help hair look thicker, but with the right cut and style, you can wear a middle parting and hair will look volumised. It’s about creating invisible layers that will blend in once your hair is dried.

When you’re styling your hair, remember that while it might be tempting to add more product, in fact this will weigh down your hair. Go for as little product as you can – a pea size is enough – and scrunch into the roots. Tousled hair will add plenty of texture which helps make locks look fuller and thicker.

Having thick hair isn’t something you can just daydream about. It’s easy to achieve with the right help and the right cut. Have the hair you dream of in 2017.


The top 5 Christmas hairstyles

16 Dec

How are you going to wear your hair for the Christmas party season? Whether up or down, your hair is just as important as the perfect outfit.

If you need a little extra length then hair extensions can help. Choose 100% human hair extensions and select one of Dream Girl’s 80+ shades to find the perfect colour that will blend seamlessly with your natural locks.

The trick to a great Christmas hairstyle is that it has to be easy. It has to look great but also be simple and easy to style, especially if it’s your office do and you haven’t got lots of time.

And these aren’t just for parties, these styles will work for the whole Christmas season.

Keep it long and straight

If you keep hair as simple, but high impact, then go for this look. Ideal for long locks, part hair down the middle. Keep it straight and glossy. If you need a little extra length then hair extensions are the perfect partner. Use serum to keep hair smooth and make the ends as soft as you can with just a little wax or smoothing serum.

Half up, half down

The half-do has changed a lot over the years. The current trend is more than a little nod to the sixties beehive style, but without too much lift. Style hair as normal and part down the middle. Add a little texture to the hair, either by creating pin curls with no heat, or by twisting sections of hair with a little wax. Take a section of hair from the crown and back-comb for lift. Take the sections from the side of the head and pin at the back. Spray to secure.

Jewelled hair

Hair accessories are going to be big for 2017 so get a head start. A jewelled hairband is the perfect finishing touch for a Christmas party outfit. You can just have your hair in a ponytail, or a bun and just use the headband to add a little sparkle. Hair brooches have the same effect and are a simple way to add the wow factor.

A braided up-do

Braids are still one of our favourite hairstyles, but add a little variety this year. Instead of twisting up all your hair, do just a half do. Create two braids from the front of the hairline and continue to the back, securing just under the crown.

Big waves

What could be easier than sitting around for the day with your hair pinned up, ready to be unfurled for the night ahead? Create waves without heat by taking hair into sections. Twist each section and pin in place. Use a little spray to secure and then leave for as long as you can. Then just unpin, comb with your fingers, spray and you’re ready to go.



Embrace change for 2017

25 Nov

It couldn’t be easier to transform your look. As we get closer to the new year, we’re looking at new styles and new ways to style our hair.

If you need added volume or length, then hair extensions can help. Even you want to try out a drastically shorter do, but don’t want to reach for the scissors, Dream Girl’s Chic Collection can change your style in minutes.

Here, we look ahead to the top four styles for 2017 and suggest how you can get them.

A long fringe

The easiest way to update your long locks is to cut a fringe. But next year, fringes are slightly longer than they have been this year. GO for a fringe that skims the eyes, that you can part easily. It’ll blend into your natural locks, or hair extensions, but it will refresh your look.

Keep it natural

Embrace your natural hair and its texture. Or, make it look as though you are. It’s about keeping things simple and not worrying too much about exact styling. If you’ve got curly hair, then Dream Girl’s waves and curls hair extensions can add length, matching the texture of your own hair.

You can still talk to your stylist when you’re adding hair extensions to talk about how you’re styling your hair, and how much time you want to spend styling it.

The shoulder length lob

This mid-length style has been hugely popular this year and it isn’t going anywhere. Remember, hair extensions start at 14″, so if you need added volume it need not be for super-long locks. To update this style for 2017, talk to your stylist about adding layers for some texture.

Long, glossy hair

For those with long hair the emphasis is on shine for 2017. Keep it all one length but keep it glossy. Wear 100% human hair extensions, like Remi Silky, to blend the hair seamlessly with your own locks. You can choose from over 80 shades so you’ll find the exact right colour to match.


Are you taking care of your hair?

11 Nov

At this time of year, when we have the first frost, the central heating comes on, there’s lashing wind and rain, we might start to see the signs of winter in ourselves. Our skin, our hair becomes increasingly drier, snaps and breaks. Our skin flakes and loses its lustre, just as our hair can.

This is as much an issue for those who wear hair extensions as it is for those who don’t. How we care for our hair is important, at any time of year. But it’s about doing the basics well, as well as sourcing the treatments and products we need to care for our own individual locks.

Using the right shampoos and conditioners, wearing a moisturising hair mask once a week or using serums and turning down the heat is, of course, important. But we also need to make sure we’re doing the most basic stuff right.

Apparently, there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to brush our hair. And most of us are doing it wrong. So here are the tips we’ve discovered to make sure that whether you wear hair extensions or not, you’re not doing more damage to your hair than you need to in these cold, harsh, winter months.

Never brush your straight hair when it’s wet. It might be tempting but hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. When you detangle it while it’s wet you’re pulling on each individual strand, stretching it and causing it to break. This can make hair weaker and can increase split ends.

If your hair is curly then brush with your fingers while it’s wet. If you let it dry and then brush curly hair you can cause breakages.

Brush your hair regularly. We often think that more brushing could do more harm than good. Instead, hair breaking as we brush it is an important step in its renewal. Hair breakage – we lose around 120 hairs a day – is important to give space for new strands to grow.

Brushes, and brushing, can help stimulate both the scalp and healthy hair growth. Flat, soft bristled brushes will do the least amount of damage to both your locks and your scalp.

While having your brushing routine is vital for keeping your hair healthy and to reduce breakages, don’t forget other good hair habits.

Using a good conditioner, and doing it regularly, is important. Leave it on for a good twenty minutes, allowing the conditioner to penetrate the strands and help restore the oils and nutrients that have been stripped by the cold weather.

But similarly, don’t over wash. We can be guilty of shampoo-ing too often and this can do just as much damage to our hair as doing nothing. When hair dries out we’re talking about it losing the oil it needs to stay healthy. Shampoo can strip this oil away, and not give enough time for it to come back. It can leave you with oily roots and dry ends, which will cause you to wash even more often and so the cycle begins.

Follow these tips and you’re have healthy and glossy hair through the whole of winter.



How to get thicker hair

4 Nov

Selena Gomez Instagram

Who hasn’t said this at some point in their lives? We always want the hair we haven’t got and the majority of women say they want thicker, healthier looking locks.

Achieving it is easier than you think and with a few small tricks you can have the thick, full hair you’re dreaming of.

Choose the right hair extensions

Hair extensions add thickness as well as length. At Dream Girl, we have over 80 shades so you’re likely to find the exact right colour for you. That’s important as you want hair extensions to blend into your hair and look as natural as possible. Opt for 100% human hair extensions (ethically sourced) and you’re even more likely to have a natural looking finish. These extensions are cut with the cuticle intact so that when the hair extensions are made, the hair falls much more naturally.

Haircut is all important

You might think, my hair is my hair, a cut is a cut, right? Wrong. The cut you get can affect how thick your hair looks. The right stylist will look at your hair and understand its thickness, texture and what kind of style you should go for. A blunter cut, for example, can make finer hair look thicker.

Use the right products

If your hair is fine then product can weigh it down. Use products with fewer sulfates and hair will be much lighter. Serums should be used sparingly as they can weigh hair down and make it look greasy. Mousse is making a comeback and is ideal for those who want more volume, especially at the roots.

Special shampoos for thickness and volume are often formulated to help create that effect. If you are wearing hair extensions do make sure they won’t strip the hair extensions of their treatment, and shorten their lifespan.

Colour tones add layers

If you opt for a depth of colour, darker at the bottom, getting gradually lighter to the top, it will help to create the visual illusion of thicker hair. Stylist call it multidimensional and essentially what it means is adding movement and volume.

If you don’t want to use dye you can look at hair extensions than offer different colours together, like highlights.

A fringe covers thinning roots

If your hair is thin then a fringe can help make it look thicker. Going for a shorter fringe, or longer wispy fringe, will help to add texture and will help hair look less weighed down and more volumised.

You can also use strategic cover for different elements of thinning roots, like these hairpieces. They can be used at the crown and just add a little lift, giving the illusion of thicker locks.

The best way to style a messy bun

21 Oct

One of the hottest looks right now is to look, well, like you have done anything at all. Natural “what, I woke up like this” style might make your heart soar, but it’s harder to achieve than you might think. Remember all those people who said a natural makeup style was simple, then showed you the twenty products you needed to achieve it? It’s a bit like that.

A messy bun is the peak of this nonchalant style. It’s carefree, easy, and like our very favourite hairstyles looks as at home in the office as it does with a cocktail dress.

For those with shorter hair who are desperate to pull off this style you’ll need to use hair extensions or a ponytail hair extension.

This is for several reasons. First if you hair is fine then you’ll know a bun can look tiny and not very effective if you don’t have a little help. A few clip on hair extensions, or a ponytail hair extension in the same colour as your natural hair will help to boost the bun and make it look incredible.

Second if you’ve got shorter hair you might be able to get it into a pony, but haven’t got any length to twist in a bun. A ponytail hair extension will add much needed length.

The first thing to do is to start with clean, dry hair. Brush it first as you want to be free from any knots or tangles. Always brush from root to tip, tor educe any pulling and the risk of split ends.

Next spray a little hairspray into your hands and comb your fingers through your hair. This will add volume but also texture. You want hair to stay in the style and a little hairspray at this stage will help the locks stick together and stay in place.


If you’re using clip on hair extensions you need to add them now. Choose a colour that’s as close to your natural hair colour as possible so that they blend in seamlessly.

Tie your hair in a high ponytail on the crown of the head. If it’s easier, tip your head forward and gather the hair as it falls. This will help you get that ponytail as high on your head as it needs to be. Secure the ponytail with a bobble.

If you’re using a ponytail hair extension, fasten it now.

Next, split the ponytail into two strands. Twist those strands individually with your fingers until they’re twisted right to the tips. Take the two sections and twist them around the bobble until you get to the end. Fasten in place with another bobble.

Now you need to messy it up. Take sections of the hair and pull slightly to loosen it up. A few strands here and there will make it look bang on trend. Use bobby pins to pin down different sections of the bun itself so that it doesn’t look uniform.

And there you have it, a messy bun that will look great from day to night – and takes five minutes!

Kate Middleton has hair fit for a princess

7 Oct
kate middleton

Kate Middleton’s hair looks naturally voluminous

Kate Middleton has, we think, more than won the title of she with the glossiest locks. On the recent royal trip to Canada, she looked her elegant finest.

Glossy, richly coloured and healthy locks aren’t something you only get if you’re a princess. Instead, it’s something we can all get.

The first step is to think about how hair can look and feel healthier. Even if you wear hair extensions you can keep your own natural locks in peak condition. Reduce the heat on your hair. Especially if you wear hair extensions. Heat just strips the hair’s natural oils away, making it dry and brittle. You can restore your own natural hair, but if you wear 100% human hair extensions any damage can’t be reversed. So it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Much like skin, the healthiest hair is moisturised, gets plenty of the right nutrients and good vitamins. So a healthy diet will be reflected in your hair, along with drinking plenty of water. A mask deep in moisture and nourishment used regularly will help to restore those ends and build it back up.

So once you’ve got the foundations in place, what’s next? Kate Middleton has long hair and for those who want to emulate it you may need to wear hair extensions. Either clip on, glue or sewn you’ll need to wear extensions that blend seamlessly into your own locks. Dream Girl has over 80 colours and plenty of different styles for all textures.

How to copy the style? Kate Middleton rocks the half up-do that’s ideal if you need to look smart. Hair needs to be smooth so add a serum or spray to reduce frizz. Whenever possible, allow hair to dry naturally and part it so it falls evenly. The front sections around the forehead should be pulled back and styled at the back with pins. A small twist will make this look extra finished.

To add curls at the ends, instead of using tongs, use pin curls. Twist the bottom section of hair and pin. You coil the hair up and then secure, adding a little spray. Leave these for up to half an hour. Once you unpin you’ll have curls at the ends fit for a queen.

The chignon is another classic style Kate Middleton wears. It looks complicated bu it’s actually quite a simple up-do. If you hair needs a little extra length for this, wear clip on hair extensions, or add a ponytail hair extension. Start with damp hair and use a little smoothing serum. Dry as normal.

Start at the front and take two sections of hair, pinning them back with pins low at the nape of the neck. Don’t pull it back too tight, hair should be soft around the face. Tie hair into a low braid at the nape of neck and secure. Wrap into a loose bun or chignon, securing with pins. Pull out a few strands to soften the look.

And there you go, hair fit for a princess!

Are you bored of your bob?

30 Sep

For those who took the leap and cut their hair into a trendy bob, it could be time for a change.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Experimenting with our hair is what it’s there for. Plus a regular cut is great for your locks as it helps them to restore and renew, keeping them healthy.

The bob haircut has been popular for a few years now and plenty of people love it. After all, it looks great. However for those who wish they hadn’t cut their hair in the first place, you might be wishing your hair would grow a little faster.

If you want to grow out your cut gracefully there are easy ways to do it. And you have to have a plan. Hair extensions can help but you also need to do your homework.

First start thinking about your fringe. If you’re growing out shorter strands you want to add texture to distract from the lengths. The easiest way to do this is with a sweeping fringe. Trim it every six to eight weeks to keep it at the same length but it’ll help make your style look smooth and interesting as your grow the ends out.

Think about playing around with the texture of your hair. Curls, or super straight locks will help to mask the uneven or choppy ends as they get grown out. Experimenting with texture not only masks the growing pains, it also reminds you there’s still plenty you can do with your hair.

Hair extensions are the easiest way to support you through a  changing length. Whether your hair extensions are clip ons, you glue or sew them in, if you choose a colour that is as close as possible to your own, the length will blend in seamlessly to your natural locks. Dream Girl has over 80 shades so you’re more likely to find the exact shade that’s right for you. 100% human hair extensions will look more natural than synthetic and will fall in a more natural way.

As you add hair extensions you need to think about framing your face. If you work with your stylist, they’ll help you style your locks so that your layers and style in the front are blended naturally. This’ll make it look more like it’s your own hair.

Failing that you can go for a weave. Remember that you want to feel confident and your hair is a huge part of this. If you’re growing out a short style there will be moment when you wish you hadn’t started. For those days, a weave will just help you create a brand new hairstyle, even if it’s just temporary.

Growing out a short style can be a headache, but there are always easy ways for you to keep you feeling stylish as you wait for the length to grow.

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