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Keep it natural

5 May

Whatever you do with your hair, whether it’s long or short, whether you wear hair extensions all the time, or have clip-ons for special occasions, there’s one thing that unites us – you want to keep your hair looking beautiful.

The trend for healthy living has finally reached our locks and at Dream Girl we think this is a good move. We’ve long advocated that for you to keep your hair as healthy as possibly, you need to be careful what you put on it.

And it makes complete sense, when you think about it. The more chemicals, like parabens and sulphates you use on your hair, the more likely you are to strip it of the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy and lush. If any hair care regime is designed to boost those nutrients, rather than strip or replace them then that’s a good thing.

This becomes especially important when we think about hair extensions. If you wear 100% human hair then the locks have been treated but once you wear them, anything that’s lost that makes hair duller won’t be regained. It’s important you keep your hair as glossy and healthy as you can, for as long as you can.

This isn’t simply about going organic, but looking carefully about what’s used in the products you put on your hair. Are they natural? What ingredients do they have for cleansing, how do they promise to nourish and treat hair?

Many products that offer promises like shiner locks will actually contain ingredients like silicone which can weigh the hair down.

What’s also important is to get to know your own hair. We have spent a lot of time listening to other people tell us how often we should wash our hair, how often we should style it. That doesn’t mean we should ignore all advise. There are some basic truths, like getting hair trimmed regularly to get rid of split ends. But much of the advice needs to be individually tested based on your own locks.

How often do you need to wash your hair? We know it probably isn’t daily. If you have natural hair it’s probably more like weekly or fortnightly, depending on how thick your locks are.

Get to know your own hair, get to know your own scalp – some people can wear up-dos all the time, others find it can pull on their hair and cause hair loss. Everyone’s hair is different, and spending time getting to know it and understand what it wants to stay healthy is an important part of the process.

However you want to wear your hair, whether you want hair extensions or how you want to style it, it all starts with knowing your own hair. A natural hair regime will help keep it healthier and glossier, keeping it stronger and helping you grow the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Embrace change for 2017

25 Nov

It couldn’t be easier to transform your look. As we get closer to the new year, we’re looking at new styles and new ways to style our hair.

If you need added volume or length, then hair extensions can help. Even you want to try out a drastically shorter do, but don’t want to reach for the scissors, Dream Girl’s Chic Collection can change your style in minutes.

Here, we look ahead to the top four styles for 2017 and suggest how you can get them.

A long fringe

The easiest way to update your long locks is to cut a fringe. But next year, fringes are slightly longer than they have been this year. GO for a fringe that skims the eyes, that you can part easily. It’ll blend into your natural locks, or hair extensions, but it will refresh your look.

Keep it natural

Embrace your natural hair and its texture. Or, make it look as though you are. It’s about keeping things simple and not worrying too much about exact styling. If you’ve got curly hair, then Dream Girl’s waves and curls hair extensions can add length, matching the texture of your own hair.

You can still talk to your stylist when you’re adding hair extensions to talk about how you’re styling your hair, and how much time you want to spend styling it.

The shoulder length lob

This mid-length style has been hugely popular this year and it isn’t going anywhere. Remember, hair extensions start at 14″, so if you need added volume it need not be for super-long locks. To update this style for 2017, talk to your stylist about adding layers for some texture.

Long, glossy hair

For those with long hair the emphasis is on shine for 2017. Keep it all one length but keep it glossy. Wear 100% human hair extensions, like Remi Silky, to blend the hair seamlessly with your own locks. You can choose from over 80 shades so you’ll find the exact right colour to match.


How to get thicker hair

4 Nov

Selena Gomez Instagram

Who hasn’t said this at some point in their lives? We always want the hair we haven’t got and the majority of women say they want thicker, healthier looking locks.

Achieving it is easier than you think and with a few small tricks you can have the thick, full hair you’re dreaming of.

Choose the right hair extensions

Hair extensions add thickness as well as length. At Dream Girl, we have over 80 shades so you’re likely to find the exact right colour for you. That’s important as you want hair extensions to blend into your hair and look as natural as possible. Opt for 100% human hair extensions (ethically sourced) and you’re even more likely to have a natural looking finish. These extensions are cut with the cuticle intact so that when the hair extensions are made, the hair falls much more naturally.

Haircut is all important

You might think, my hair is my hair, a cut is a cut, right? Wrong. The cut you get can affect how thick your hair looks. The right stylist will look at your hair and understand its thickness, texture and what kind of style you should go for. A blunter cut, for example, can make finer hair look thicker.

Use the right products

If your hair is fine then product can weigh it down. Use products with fewer sulfates and hair will be much lighter. Serums should be used sparingly as they can weigh hair down and make it look greasy. Mousse is making a comeback and is ideal for those who want more volume, especially at the roots.

Special shampoos for thickness and volume are often formulated to help create that effect. If you are wearing hair extensions do make sure they won’t strip the hair extensions of their treatment, and shorten their lifespan.

Colour tones add layers

If you opt for a depth of colour, darker at the bottom, getting gradually lighter to the top, it will help to create the visual illusion of thicker hair. Stylist call it multidimensional and essentially what it means is adding movement and volume.

If you don’t want to use dye you can look at hair extensions than offer different colours together, like highlights.

A fringe covers thinning roots

If your hair is thin then a fringe can help make it look thicker. Going for a shorter fringe, or longer wispy fringe, will help to add texture and will help hair look less weighed down and more volumised.

You can also use strategic cover for different elements of thinning roots, like these hairpieces. They can be used at the crown and just add a little lift, giving the illusion of thicker locks.

The easiest way to change your style

28 Oct

Do you know how celebrities change their hairstyles from day to day? Their secret is wigs!

Take a look at celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga or Beyonce. You’ll see their style changes dramatically from one day to the next. They’ll have super long locks on stage, then short hair the very next day. Scissors aren’t involved because just a few days later they’ll be [pictured again with those super long locks in a different colour.

Like trying a new lip colour or experimenting with a new nail varnish, wigs offer versatility and a chance to chop and change your style as quick as you like. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a range of lace and elastic wigs that fit snugly over your natural hair and can help you transform your style in seconds. It’s perfect for the festive season when you’ve got plenty of glamorous nights to prepare for.

First you have to choose whether you want a wig made from 100% human hair or synthetic. Human hair looks more natural as it falls gently and keeps its style for longer. A synthetic wig will be less expensive and will look very natural, ideal for a one off occasion.

You need to choose the hairstyle or look you want to go for, it might be a short pixie crop or a longer length. You can also choose from a wide range of colours so you can select a style that closely matches your own colour or opt for a wig that’s in a bright or different shade for maximum impact.

Next you need to fit your wig, You can either do this at home or you might want to see a stylist and they can do it for you. You need to start by flattening your own natural hair. Any bums will affect how the hair on the wig sits and you want it to have as smooth a base as possible.

Comb your natural hair back and tie it. Use a wig cap as this with flatten your hair down. It will also help to keep the wig in place. Begin with the wig at the forehead and continue to fit to the nape of the neck. Arrange the hair strands so they’re falling correctly and you’re ready to go!

If you want your wig to stay in good shape then make sure you gently comb it without harsh over brushing. Over-brush your natural hair and it will break but grow back. That doesn’t happen with a wig. Use a stand to ensure the wig keeps its shape and doesn’t become distorted. Wash in warm water and use gentle products to clean any dirt and grease from your locks. Allow hair to dry completely before you make any attempt to style it. This isn’t your natural hair, you will damage the wig if you use heat while it;s wet.

Whether you want an afro, a bob or super long style a wig allows you to change your look in seconds. You can order directly from Dream Girl’s online store.

Are you bored of your bob?

30 Sep

For those who took the leap and cut their hair into a trendy bob, it could be time for a change.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Experimenting with our hair is what it’s there for. Plus a regular cut is great for your locks as it helps them to restore and renew, keeping them healthy.

The bob haircut has been popular for a few years now and plenty of people love it. After all, it looks great. However for those who wish they hadn’t cut their hair in the first place, you might be wishing your hair would grow a little faster.

If you want to grow out your cut gracefully there are easy ways to do it. And you have to have a plan. Hair extensions can help but you also need to do your homework.

First start thinking about your fringe. If you’re growing out shorter strands you want to add texture to distract from the lengths. The easiest way to do this is with a sweeping fringe. Trim it every six to eight weeks to keep it at the same length but it’ll help make your style look smooth and interesting as your grow the ends out.

Think about playing around with the texture of your hair. Curls, or super straight locks will help to mask the uneven or choppy ends as they get grown out. Experimenting with texture not only masks the growing pains, it also reminds you there’s still plenty you can do with your hair.

Hair extensions are the easiest way to support you through a  changing length. Whether your hair extensions are clip ons, you glue or sew them in, if you choose a colour that is as close as possible to your own, the length will blend in seamlessly to your natural locks. Dream Girl has over 80 shades so you’re more likely to find the exact shade that’s right for you. 100% human hair extensions will look more natural than synthetic and will fall in a more natural way.

As you add hair extensions you need to think about framing your face. If you work with your stylist, they’ll help you style your locks so that your layers and style in the front are blended naturally. This’ll make it look more like it’s your own hair.

Failing that you can go for a weave. Remember that you want to feel confident and your hair is a huge part of this. If you’re growing out a short style there will be moment when you wish you hadn’t started. For those days, a weave will just help you create a brand new hairstyle, even if it’s just temporary.

Growing out a short style can be a headache, but there are always easy ways for you to keep you feeling stylish as you wait for the length to grow.

Hair colour trends for Autumn 2016

26 Aug

What colour should your hair be for this autumn? If you fancy a change we’ve got all the tips and trends so your style is bang up to date.

We’re using Dream Girl’s Colour Guide so you can find the exact right shade to match your autumn style.

5_perky-side-ponyChestnut Brown, DG Colour Code: 6

Chestnut Brown, a rich, reddish brown shade is always perfect for autumn. It perfectly reflects the earthier shades that come through as the trees start shedding their leaves. With the low light it helps those redder shades pop and become more vibrant.

A more beige blonde, DG Colour Code: 24

A changing blonde shade always reflects a changing season. At this time of year, blondes tend to get warmer. You want it light but keep it with a gentle, almost auburn, warmth to lift blondes. Light Honey Blonde is the ideal shade to bring your blonde up to date.

Bronde, DG Colour Code : P18-16-613

Updating last year’s ombre blend, this blonde and brown mix is perfect for a changing season. A deeper brown with caramel or lighter highlights on top brings much needed warmth and can help lift the last of that summer tan.

Go for a Dream Girl Combi choice of Caramel Brown, Dark Blonde and Lightest Blonde to add levels of colour.


Burnt orange, DG Colour Code: 30

A light auburn helps redheads bring their already autumnal shade up to date. It’s almost terracotta, or a burnt brownie orange, chestnut. But it’s paler and lighter so a much more subtle red.

Cinnamon and Copper, DG Code P4-33

A blend of two different shades can offer a seasonal shift with this slightly redder tone lifting dark browns. A Chocolate and a Rich Copper Red offers a brightness and a warmth to lift the darkness of the brown. Autumn is all about colour and light and this trend blends those seamlessly.

Shop Dream Girl’s over 80 shades online.


Embrace the natural

5 Aug

We spend a lot of time giving people advice on how their hair should be. Protect it, smooth it, texture it. When we say “we” we mean the beauty industry. Hair has to look a certain way, feel a certain way.

At Dream Girl, we believe every woman is individual and her hair should be worn however she wants to wear it. Hair extensions, weaves or wigs, they’re all just about accentuating the natural beauty that’s already there.

So here’s our guide to how to make the most out of your own hair, no matter its length, texture or volume.

Frizz isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can help you build volume, but you have to tackle the dryness first. If frizzy hair is caused by your hair being dry then you could have an increase in breakages. Use a curl enhancing cream to help tackle any damage to ends. It means your hair will be fuller rather than wispy frizzy.

Frizzy or curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t wear hair extensions. Dream Girl has a range with different tightness of curls, depending on what you need, with French Jerry Curls offering the very tightest curls, ideal for plaiting or braiding or just adding length and volume.

For those with fine hair frizz, use a wide toothed comb everyday to keep strands separate. You can accentuate the waves by styling pin curls, just one inch sections of hair twisted and pinned. Use a little spray and leave for half an hour then unfurl. It’ll help build shape into the kinks.

Super thick hair can still be worn long. Hair extensions comes in a variety of different lengths so you can add length. Opt for a hair extension with a loose wave, as very thick hair often has plenty of texture. A wavy hair extension will blend in more seamlessly with your natural locks.

If you’re braiding your afro and find it difficult to control, use a little styling cream on your fingers as your plait. It’ll coat you and your hair as well as helping you to keep the rows neat.

Always work with your natural texture, rather than against it.

For those with fine hair, don’t bemoan what you see as flatness. It’s much easier to cut texture into fine hair. Plus you can opt for a much shorter style and then use clip on hair extensions to add length whenever you feel like it.


Be kinder to your hair

29 Jul


In the hot summer months we can do more damage to our hair than we think. Whether it’s natural hair we’re talking about, or hair extensions, the principle is the same; there could be things we’re doing on a daily basis that cause damage.

It may be styling, the shampoo we use or even how we brush but it can cause dry hair, split ends or breakages. For healthy, glossy it takes a number of different ingredients. If your hair extensions are 100% human hair, the same principles apply as you want to keep them looking glossy for longer.

Here are Dream Girl’s tips to help you to be kinder to your hair.

  1. Washing with water is vital. You don’t have to wash your hair everyday, but giving it a good lather and shampoo helps to remove the dirt and build up of pollutants every day life dump on your locks. Dry shampoo, for example, is great for a pick me up, but it isn’t an alternative to washing. You need to remove the buildup as it will strip your hair of natural oil. It can also damage your scalp, which can affect hair growth.
  2. Use the right shampoo. While we’re on washing, what shampoo do you use? Anything with sulfates is likely to be harsher on hair and strip natural oils. This is OK for your own hair which dries back, but it’s a real issue for hair extensions. The treatments and oils on extensions can’t be replenished. Use a gentle shampoo and one specifically designed for hair extensions if you wear them.
  3. Turn down the heat. We can’t say this enough. Heat damages your hair so badly. Hair is like wax to when you use heat to style it you’re softening and moulding the strands. This can lead to shrinkage and splitting, which is what causes split ends. Hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs all damage your hair. Reduce the heat or turn it off completely for healthier looking locks.
  4. Don’t rub your hair too vigorously when you dry. Towel drying is important to remove the excess water from your hair, but don’t rub it too frenetically. You can damage the cuticles and rots of you hair and hair extensions which can make hair frizzier, less smooth and less controllable. Instead, use a towel to blot your hair gently, never rub.
  5. Protect your hair in the sun like you do your skin. Would you really go outside without sunblock in hot heat? So why are you leaving your hair to the elements? Using hair products that help protect hair from UV and the damaging effects of the sun is just as important as protecting your skin. The sun can burn and strip your hair.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated. When you’re thirsty you know your skin gets tight and dry. Your hair is the same. It needs moisture and fluid to keep looking shiny and healthy. If your hair is especially dry in the summer use a regular hair mask to keep it looking glossy.

These are our top hair tips. Remember, the summer can be just as dangerous for hair as the cruel winter can be. Keep it well fed, watered and covered to make sure the sun never damages your locks.

The finest festival hairstyles

15 Jul

We’re right in the middle of festival season. Latitude, Creamfields, Blue Dot, Reading; it’s all still to come. So how to style your hair. Dream Girl has some ideas .

Festival style is kind of boho, think really low maintenance. It’s simple easy to do styles that can last a couple of days and will keep hair off the face. 

The fake undercut

We’ve seen plenty of stars go for a buzzed undercut in the past couple of years. It takes real guts though (and for those who work in an office it probably isn’t practical. Instead, do a Lea Michele and fake it. Simply create a deep side parting and then braid using little strands from roots to tip. Keep going until you reach under the ear and pin in place. Easy peasy

Braid your fringe

So, here’s a secret about festivals. Unless you’re armed with a gallon of dry shampoo, your fringe will look awful. Just dreadful, all the time. It’s sweaty, dirty and a fringe never responds well to that. Twist and braid it out of the way to add a little texture while also keeping it off your face. Start with a deep side parting and braid hair across the front hairline. Secure with a band once you reach the height of your cheekbone. Tucks the ends underneath the hair and fix with a grip.

A classic, messy chignon

A chignon can look a little too neat for a festival. But if you want to embrace that boho “I woke up like this, honest” hairstyle then try this. Tie hair back into a ponytail. Not too high, just below the crown. Backcomb the ponytail to add a little volume. Grab yourself some pins and fix the ends of the ponytail back towards the base. A simple trick, Twist sections around your finger, scrunch down and pin. Pull out strands to frame the face and keep it relaxed. 

Side plait


When you have long hair you just want to keep it off your face at big events. The side plait is an easy way to style your hair and it looks great. Even if you have hair extensions it’s a simple style and the longer your hair, the better it looks! Begin the plait a little above the nape of the neck; not quite as high as a braid but underneath the crown. Continue the plait right down to the tips and secure with a band. Allow the fringe and a few stray strands to line the face.

The classic boho waves

For long wavy hair you can get a boost in length from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range of hair extensions. To tease curls without heat simply use pins and  hairspray before you go to sleep. In one inch sections twist hair around the finger and then pin in place with a grip. Once all the hair is twisted back spray to help it fix. Wake up in the morning, uncurl and gently separate the waves. Beachy, festival waves without using heat.


The best braids for summer

1 Jul

Braids always seem like the perfect summer hairstyle. It’s an easy way to keep your hair off your face when it’s hot. It’s the ideal style to look chic and cool at a summer wedding. It’s also an easy day to night style that doesn’t need much looking after.

Here are our tips for the best braided styles.

For those with shorter hair or with very fine hair your locks might need a lift for a braid. Dream Girl’s hair extensions come in over 80 shades, so you can choose from the length or the colour to help it blend seamlessly into your natural hair. We even do a range of waves and curls so that you can add length to even the deepest curly locks.

1. Mermaid Braid

Think Blake Lively. Divide your braid into four rather than three to achieve this thicker braid. Wear hair over the shoulder and begin braiding from behind the ear to achieve a more laidback style. Pull out strands of hair to frame the face. Hair doesn’t need to look too “done” with this style.

2. Side Braid

A great way to add a twist on a classic. For natural curls style as normal, then add this side braid above the ear. Take sections into the braid as you go and stop once you reach the back. Pin down to secure into place. For those with straight hair, start braiding at the crown and work with hair over your shoulder so the braid doesn’t look misshapen as you wear it on the side.

3. Half up-do Braid

Tricky once you begin but simple when you get in the swing. Upgrade your fishtail braid by adding sections from the side to create a modern half up-do. Take hair from the top of the head to start and use smaller sections to create the fishtail. Once you get to the ears, take two sections and twist them before weaving into the braid to create this finish.

4. Twist

Is this the easiest hairstyle to do when you’ve got five minutes and need to fly out the door? When is a braid not a braid? When it’s a twist. Twist hair up at the back and side and use the ends to create this faux fringe that adds height and texture. Divide hair into sections to start and then weave them to the crown, twisting as you go. Pin and spray to secure. Works incredibly with natural hair. For long locks keep twisting to create a bun to wear as an up do.

5. Braided Headband

A braided classic that we still adore. Use a simple side plait and then twist and pin across the front of the head to create a braided headband. The thicker the hair, the better it looks. Take a few strands out here and there to make sure hair doesn’t look too done. Secure with bobby pins.

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