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Straight hair, don’t care! Celebrate the straight

10 Feb

download-8One of the hottest hair trends of 2017 is straight hair. Direct from the catwalk to your salon at home, sleek and sophisticated straight locks look amazing, and can be yours almost instantly with silky smooth hair extensions of any length.

From long haired 1970s Cher to the princess of poker-straight, Jennifer Aniston, straight hair brings a timeless look, with minimal fuss. Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid are all working the next the next generation of super sleek styling.

Blending in with your natural hair colour, finding the right extensions, like Dream Girl’s Remi Silky, for example, will give the appearance of thicker, longer, and straighter hair right away, giving you a long-lasting A-List look.

But it’s not just about wearing hair extensions and then doing nothing else. Adopting the right hair care techniques will help to prolong the condition of your extensions and have you feeling fabulous for weeks as you strut your straight hair everywhere you go. Avoid over-washing and over-brushing to keep your extensions looking great, and on trend, for longer.

Whether your extensions are made with human hair or high quality synthetic hairs, heat treatment is best avoided to prevent drying and damage. 

If you’re already blessed with beautiful long hair, remember using heat is the quickest way to add stress and strain to your lovely locks.

Follow Dream Girl’s tips to nourish, protect and prepare your hair for a stop and stare, straight hair look:

Use a nourishing conditioner to add moisture to your hair. This will help to prevent excessive damage during drying, and smooth the hair shaft helping to boost shine. Don’t forget, to follow up your hair washing routine with a quick spritz of heat protection spray, adding an extra protective barrier for your hair.

Avoid a lank, lifeless look by adding a root boosting product to give a little volume. Again, avoid intensive heat to minimise damage to your hair, using a soft bristled round brush. Blow dry your hair so that it is straight, and then lightly go over the hair in small sections.

A straight hair style works best with a defined centre or side parting, best achieved with a pointed-tailed comb. Take your style to the next level and slick back your straight hair with a styling gel or serum for a striking night time look, or add a delicate headband for cute daytime fashion.

Taking good care of your hair, and your hair extensions, will mean you’ll have red carpet worthy, frizz free shiny straight locks to see you through one of the key trends of 2017.

Are you bored of your bob?

30 Sep

For those who took the leap and cut their hair into a trendy bob, it could be time for a change.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Experimenting with our hair is what it’s there for. Plus a regular cut is great for your locks as it helps them to restore and renew, keeping them healthy.

The bob haircut has been popular for a few years now and plenty of people love it. After all, it looks great. However for those who wish they hadn’t cut their hair in the first place, you might be wishing your hair would grow a little faster.

If you want to grow out your cut gracefully there are easy ways to do it. And you have to have a plan. Hair extensions can help but you also need to do your homework.

First start thinking about your fringe. If you’re growing out shorter strands you want to add texture to distract from the lengths. The easiest way to do this is with a sweeping fringe. Trim it every six to eight weeks to keep it at the same length but it’ll help make your style look smooth and interesting as your grow the ends out.

Think about playing around with the texture of your hair. Curls, or super straight locks will help to mask the uneven or choppy ends as they get grown out. Experimenting with texture not only masks the growing pains, it also reminds you there’s still plenty you can do with your hair.

Hair extensions are the easiest way to support you through a  changing length. Whether your hair extensions are clip ons, you glue or sew them in, if you choose a colour that is as close as possible to your own, the length will blend in seamlessly to your natural locks. Dream Girl has over 80 shades so you’re more likely to find the exact shade that’s right for you. 100% human hair extensions will look more natural than synthetic and will fall in a more natural way.

As you add hair extensions you need to think about framing your face. If you work with your stylist, they’ll help you style your locks so that your layers and style in the front are blended naturally. This’ll make it look more like it’s your own hair.

Failing that you can go for a weave. Remember that you want to feel confident and your hair is a huge part of this. If you’re growing out a short style there will be moment when you wish you hadn’t started. For those days, a weave will just help you create a brand new hairstyle, even if it’s just temporary.

Growing out a short style can be a headache, but there are always easy ways for you to keep you feeling stylish as you wait for the length to grow.

Are wigs part of your beauty routine?

12 Aug

From Shay Mitchell to Kim Kardashian, we’re used to celebs experimenting with different hairstyles. In the last week, both stars have debuted shorter and fresher styles on their social media. Shay showed off a lob with a choppy, textured finish, while Kim showed off a shorter, blunt edged hairdo.

We love to change and we love to experiment, but are we missing a trick that these celebs have up their sleeves? Both have revealed their new style was in fact a wig. Even before she was pictured at an event with seemingly chopped locks, Kim told her followed on Snapchat that she was wearing a wig, as she lifted the lid on her beauty routine. Shay’s stylist, meanwhile, said the shorter style she’d showcased was, too, a wig.

What’s incredible is how natural they look. In Dream Girl’s Chic Collection, you can wear a wig, either in human hair pieces or with curls, layered, waves or straight as well as in a variety of lengths. Made with a lace cap, these help to create a natural finish and enable the hair to fall naturally at the roots, meaning it’s harder to tell whether it’s a wig or your natural locks.

Kim says she wore the wig because she’s tempted to cut several inches from her locks and this is a great reason to experiment. OK, hair grows back, but if you’re unsure as to whether you’ll suit a shorter hairstyle, or want to wear it temporarily, rather than permanently, a wig is the perfect way to test the water.

Similarly, you can opt for a high impact shift, like Shay, where you wow your friends with a new style that only lasts the night. Just because it’s a wig, it doesn’t mean you can style it to suit you. Shay’s stylist could well have added the texture and shape to suit her face and style. The best thing to do is to work closely with your stylist so that they can help you develop a hairstyle while wearing the wig that makes the most of your features and individual style.

Wigs are growing in popularity and are ideal for those who want to change up their style without committing to the chop.

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